Back And Back And Back To The Future

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...And Wash Away The Rain

There's a ship blowing up and Rygel wants to get lost and away from it, and D'Argo agrees. Zhaan wants to see if there are any survivors, in the huge green fireball in space, and Rygel, hilariously, gives her a "We'll pour out the forty later!" (But you know he really means he wants to have a drink in the honor of all their stuff.) I agree with Zhaan, but on the other hand, the Moya crew is just as likely to blow themselves up at any given time without aid, so maybe it's best to stay away from other people's drama. Pilot asks for a consensus, because he's the only one who gets that they're a team. D and Rygel repeat that they should be leaving immediately, and Zhaan's all, "Closer!" It's not a conversation, it's just yelling, which means that...yep, here's John now to "clarify" things. "Damn!" he says. Rygel doesn't give a damn who they are or what their problem is, and Zhaan explains that it's "subatomically disintegrating," and if the 'babble is an issue for you like it is for me, get ready, because there is a chick about to show up whose talking is so frelling annoying that you just want Zhaan to talk about quantum bullshit until the end of time. Or like, back and forth over from the end of time back to now, an infinity of times, just like the title says.

Man, I hate this episode. Just thinking about this chick is freaking me out with anger feelings. But. You get to see John admit that he is destined for craziness, you get your first taste of the whole PK Supremist/Constructivist symbolism and Aeryn being adorable some more; Zhaan's pretty awesome the whole time, and D'Argo finally shows off his own kind of crazy. But the guest stars make me want to throw myself off something tall, and the plot itself is like five spec scripts smashed into one thing, and the tech-talk is batty. But we hit the science v. war thing from yet another angle, which is cool, and we get to see some sociological texture thanks to the Scorvian/Ilanic/Luxan issue (which is all very intriguing, but we never see it again), but the dynamics set in place in this episode reverberate for a long while. And these three episodes together form a kind of unofficial triptych in our relationship to the overall political situation: in this episode, we learn about non-Peacekeeper wars going on in the galaxy, next episode we see some Peacekeeper side projects, and then finally we get to see some normal Peacekeepers upfront. Whatever, it's a big universe and this is the smartest way to get a handle on the bigness. Not to mention that this episode is like the same exact thing as the miniseries, only upside down and backwards, which is kind of cool.

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