Back And Back And Back To The Future

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...And Wash Away The Rain

Instead of taking this new opportunity to toss them out, D'Argo whines about how he feels like they don't trust him or they would've told him this before. Verell says, nonsensically: "You are a Luxan but you also are...were...a prisoner. We cannot be certain of your loyalties." Like, if they're to evil? What does that mean? D'Argo's like, "Are you over it yet?" and instead of answering the question or anything, Matala backs up to the beginning of this paragraph talking about how even though the containment field is rockin' awesome, and even though everybody's in no danger, it's still worth it to kill Moya with the weapon if that's necessary. "Whatever the risks to the ship, it must be taken. Without this weapon, millions more Ilanic lives will be lost." Which is not only not an answer, but also negates the last answer, not to mention how at the beginning of the conversation they admitted to both lying and being creepy. Instead of asking questions about the six different kinds of shady they're being, he assures them they can count on him.

Things go nuts right about now. John sits in Zhaan's quarters and picks up a blue glass mask from its pillow, on a cabinet. It looks like her. I don't remember if we ever find out what it's for, but for some reason I think it has spiritual significance. Well, specific to the Delvian Seek, not the regular kind (It's always masks with her: Stark's, even the Doctor in "Die Me, Dichotomy," but if I talk about why that is I'll get more hate mail, so just whatever. Duh.) She tells him the concept of "future flashes" is fascinating, and you can see her in total Melfi mode, like, "If you believe it, and it does sound interesting, that's important enough to believe you" or whatever. John laughs and admits maybe he's just actually going "bonkers." "...I guess it's about time for that to happen," he mumbles, and it's a thread running all along the bottom of the story here: the inevitability that strangeness will accrete and he'll just lose his shit. It's funny right now. Zhaan says that if it's true, he should just be able to alter the events and thus change the future. He thought of that already -- "Just lock myself in my room and wait for them to leave" -- but that his presence isn't the problem: "But Matala could still murder Verell -- and D'Argo -- if that's what she intends to do. I just don't know why she would want to kill us. I don't know what the gain is..." Overstimulated, he drops the mask, and it shatters. As does her face. It's a very Connecticut moment; she's like, "No big whoop" as he's apologizing, but you can tell she's bummed. At least it's not about what a jerk he is this time, it's just awkward. John brings up her trepidation at Verell's explanation for the phase imbalance, and she admits that it gives her pause, so John says it's time "the old goat spilled his guts."

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