Back And Back And Back To The Future

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...And Wash Away The Rain

John storms into the bay yelling for Verell, "You've been lying to...uh..." Matala's alone, asking calmly why he would do that, and he shouts for Verell. "You need to calm down...rest and revitalize. I have a technique that just might..." Yuck. John grabs something heavy and tells her to back off. He calls her "Nature Girl," which is funny, and demands to know what really happened to the cruiser, and why she's going to kill Verell. Matala drops, and we swing around on why: D'Argo enters and draws the Qualta, seeing John standing over his girl with a big stick. "D'Argo, help me. He knows the truth. He threatened to tell the others, make them turn against me unless I pleasured him," and all that. John denies, and D'Argo runs him through just as Verell enters, asking D what the hell is going on. Matala totally kills Verell and D'Argo.

The mask reverses in time, coming together in John's hand. Zhaan says that if it's true, he should just be able to alter the events and thus change the future. He tried that already -- "I just did, I changed the future and I made it worse!" -- and, overstimulated, he drops the mask, and it shatters. As does her face. It's a very Connecticut moment; she's like, "No big whoop" as he's apologizing, but you can tell she's bummed. At least it's not about what a jerk he is this time, it's just awkward. "I'm ... sorry," he says, and she tells him it's all right. "Again," he says grimly.

Commercial, and then John's crushing the pieces of the mask in his hand, frustrated: "This time instead of Matala snapping my neck, D'Argo skewers me with his Qualta blade!" He realizes that the Ilanics have something on D'Argo, and Zhaan offers to speak to him, which pisses John off: "Talk? What, to give me a character reference? I just felt the blade slice through my guts! Okay?" Aeryn runs in shining bright, actually excited and smiling: "I just found something out! Matala is not Ilanic, she's Scorvian. Her Ilanic appearance must be the result of genetic surgery." She stands, proud and akimbo, as Zhaan asks how she knows. "She fights like a Scorvian!" Problem-solving and fighting: all mixed-up and bendy in this episode, but also for once Aeryn's figured out something instead of being the muscle, and it's all over her face. John's amazed: "The workout -- you set that up? You saw her moves? You saw the..." and he does the scary cobrasnake move. Aeryn cocks her head. "Scorvian Neural Strike, yeah. How do you know about that?" John sighs: "Saw it in the future." She asks what that means, and instead of telling her -- because I think of the whole sex radius thing he can't look at -- just says it's a long story and they can discuss it later: "Of course, I'll probably be dead three or four more times by the time you ask, but ..." Heh. Aeryn gives him the usual WTF but Zhaan interrupts. "Crichton is right. We may not have much time. If Matala truly is a Scorvian agent, then perhaps she is only with Verell to spy on him."

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