Back And Back And Back To The Future

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...And Wash Away The Rain

Zhaan says that if it's true, he should just be able to alter the events and thus change the future. He tried that already. He holds the blue mask in his hand gingerly, pushing a stool away with one foot like it's a bomb about to blow. He places the mask on the floor and stands above it, and treads directly on it, knowingly, watching himself. And takes a seat. The key is D'Argo, something about D'Argo and masks. Every time, it's the divided loyalties between John, D'Argo and the Ilanics that give her the upper hand. Trying to explain the mask to D'Argo just sets him more comfortably at her right hand. If it's not sex, what's the Schwarzschild radius that we're not seeing? What turns this black hole into a wormhole? Where does D'Argo's loneliness come from -- loneliness of such gravity and blackness that his reflexes can't react, and he blinds himself to everything around himself? It's not planets he misses, it's people. It's not his dick, it's his heart.

Aeryn runs in shining bright, actually excited and smiling: "I just found something out!" John steps on her balloon -- " Matala's not Ilanic, she's Scorvian in disguise" -- and Zhaan's like, "Huh?" Aeryn stands, no longer proud, as Zhaan explains that John can now see the future. "The future? He can barely function in the present," Aeryn bitches. She was so happy! Fight the future! More! John catches everybody up for us, sighing loudly the entire time. Aeryn goes all Solution = Rifle and offers to beat them up... "Doesn't work." Zhaan suggests that they split the three of them up and talk to... "Doesn't work." Pilot interrupts. These people and their conversations. "Zhaan..." John thanks him for the phase imbalance update he has yet to give. Pilot wows and John tells everybody to shut up. "D'Argo is the key. As long as he is with Matala, the timeline keeps getting worse and worse. We have to talk to him. Alone. We gotta get him away from Matala." She's not the other end of a wormhole, she's just another black hole. The key is D'Argo's loneliness. "We cannot ask him to come up to command and deal with the phase imbalance," he says, answering Zhaan's next question, "Because he's gonna bring Matala with him. We have got...we gotta try something new."

How about Moya's own Hynerian Schwarzschild radius, for starters? The Ilanics and D'Argo are doing...something...when Zhaan enters: "I'm sorry to disturb you, D'Argo. But could you speak to Rygel?" D'Argo's like, "Now what?" He's written a bill for the rescue and transportation of the Ilanics, of course. "He intends to present it...when we rendezvous." Verell's like, "Rude, but doable," and D'Argo freaks out and storms off to show Rygel what for. It's still for show, he's still acting too hard and talking too loud and being too ideal and I am guessing that this is all part of the Luxan Chase, and it is wonderful. Even when it's getting in the way, it's really cute. He storms into some other chamber, where Aeryn, Zhaan and Crichton are waiting to spring the most leather-clad intervention in all of space history.

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