Back And Back And Back To The Future

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...And Wash Away The Rain

Aeryn and Crichton join D'Argo in the docking bay. His dander's all up, and she's looking, predictably, way stressed. The three of them board the shuttle. D'Argo carries Verell out, and Crichton picks up Matala, which is intriguing, because science v. war gets really mixed-up and blendy in this one. Murmuring comfortingly to Matala, John deposits her outside and goes back for more survivors, even though the thing's about as big as a Malibu and it's clear there aren't any. He gets smacked with some of the green electric energy, which travels from his hand to his head, and things go trippy. D'Argo comes back in and tells him several echoey times that there's no one else aboard. John is clearly in a state, all wacky-faced: "Yeah, I heard you the first time." Credits, as we consider what life would be like if John's ass were crazy.

Zhaan and Rygel watch the Ilanic ship disintegrate outside. Zhaan complains some more about how there might still be people left. The thing goes up in green flames and Rygel giggles. "Not anymore." Rygel's pretty great in this episode.

Docking bay: Verell explains that they weren't even aware of any trouble until the "phase couplers" were just completely "overloaded," and then they had to bounce. He confirms that he and Matala were the only people on the cruiser. Matala moans at John about whether he's hurt. I think she's trying to be sexy, but (a) she looks like hell and (b) she talks like she's just slipped herself a mickey. John says he's "a little tingly," and assumes he touched something live, but Matala says they were all shut down. Guess he's "tingly" for another reason, but I don't think it's the reason she thinks. In a moustache-twirlingly creepy (but no less wacky) fashion, she tells Verell that the cargo is fine. "No damage to containment." Their Schwarzschild radius, the secrets they're not telling, are covered. So of course Aeryn's in there like gangbusters, asking about the cargo, and Matala totally scoffs about how she's not telling any Peacekeeper shit. John and D'Argo (very sweetly and cool): "We all have escaped from the Peacekeepers. She is one of us now." Aww. Aeryn's like, "Yeah, I'm in the gang, all very heartwarming, yadda yadda. What's in the box?" Verell corrects them -- he also talks the stupid Ilanic way, but not as awfully -- that it's more like "scientific apparatus" or whatever, and he says "apparatus" in a new way I've not before heard. It's not exactly like the Brit way; I don't know, he's probably Australian because he's a guest star on this show. Also, D'Argo says the word "again" in a really fucked-up way, and he says it a lot. Verell says they've been "studying deep space gravitational fluctuations," and that they were headed toward rendezvous with another cruiser when they blew up. He asks if Moya can take them the rest of the way, and without a pause D'Argo pledges that their ship is his. John and Aeryn grin, bemused, throughout all this, I think mostly due to the zany intensity with which D's been doing everything since he saw the Ilanics' transmission. Which is, admittedly, kind of hilarious and loveable in its shift-key screamology. Verell thanks him and D'Argo takes Matala to input the rendezvous coordinates. Matala pushes Verell into his chair and tells him to "rest and revitalize," then flirts a little more with John.

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