Back And Back And Back To The Future

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...And Wash Away The Rain

Rygel is gorging on food cubes in the galley when Zhaan enters. "Zhaan! Did you see how much food D'Argo gave those Ilanics? Well, he's not getting my share!" So he's apparently going to eat all his share at once, which somehow makes total sense, actually. "Rygel. You've been aboard Moya longer than anyone else except Pilot. You know her sounds and her rhythms. Just stop and listen to her for a moment." Wasn't she also onboard for like 900 years? I mean, it's a good scene, and I like the idea, and I like the line. And I really, really like the way everybody secretly understands that Rygel has a basic symbiosis with Moya that goes beyond his years aboard. Just seems like Zhaan would take the opportunity to go on and on about how only she really knows what's going on with Moya, because only she is sensitive enough to Moya's sounds and rhythms in a some kind of loving womblike womanspace or whatever. Vegetables! Rygel gives it a good two seconds and then goes back to eating: "Moya sounds fine." Oh, here we go: "Does she? Not to me. Something feels...out of balance." Um, it's obviously the "phase disruptors" or whatever. Come on.

This next bit is both good and bad, because it provides a major plot point for the episode, gives you some serious visual symbolism about the Peacekeepers and Aeryn herself, and is wonderfully done. On the bad side, women always fight over men, never on their own terms, and when you call each other sluts and whores that only makes it easier for guys to call you that too. On the other hand, though, it totally fits the horniness quadrille described above. I think my issue is that it's plot, not character, driving the conversation -- the show wants us to compare and contrast the sexuality of Aeryn and Matala, so it sticks words in their mouths. I bet it was hard, as an actor, to do some of these lines. The squared circle in which their "physical conditioning" is a mat, maybe six yards on a side, emblazoned with the Peacekeeper emblem. Which we've seen before, but it's never taken up the whole screen, so let's get that out of the way. The PK symbol is taken from a Third Revolution Russian agitprop poster from 1919, and people get really excited about it because it's one of maybe five things that even if you're completely disinterested in this stuff, you have to pay attention to it, because the way it's used is always choreographed to an almost balletic extreme. It's a red Communist wedge breaking through a white area, into black. The black space into which it's intruding is soft and curved, the red wedge is pointed and hard. Okay?

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