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The Muppet Masters

Rygel ignores Crichton's suggestion and instead zips down a corridor, ordering Pilot to prepare a transport for him. Pilot says he's a little busy right now. Rygel stops as there's a roar from somewhere in front of him. He whimpers, "Help? Anybody? Help?" and starts scooting backward. Pilot calls, "Rygel? Are you there?"

Aeryn and Crichton race down the corridor again, and Aeryn tells Rygel that the Vorc is after the parasite, not him. Rygel says it's getting closer. As they all reach the cargo bay, Rygel gasps, "Crichton, you said I'd be safe!" Across the room, Aeryn and Crichton slowly move through the piles of containers as Crichton calmly tells the Vorc that Rygel is a friend. Rygel urges them to kill it as the Vorc lumbers closer to him. Crichton says, "It's just looking for a gopher, man." The Vorc continues growling from the shadows as Aeryn and Crichton inch nearer. And then the Vorc jumps out at Rygel, who gasps in terror. Suddenly Rygel gets pissed, and his brows come down angrily, and yet somehow he's even cuter. Aeryn and Crichton race over as Rygel jumps off his sled and lunges at the Vorc. Aeryn and Crichton scream, "No, get off him, no!" and it's not clear which puppet they're talking to, but it doesn't really matter. They start shooting, and the Vorc shakes Rygel off. He collapses to the floor as Aeryn and Crichton continue shooting at the escaping Vorc. Then they go to Rygel, who shakily looks up at them and wheezes, "Help meeeee..." Is there a Gepetto in the house?

It's Rygel's turn for the exam table and fluorescent light treatment. This is really where things fall apart for me; the scan Zhaan does should detect many, many things wrong here. Ah well. Rygel whimpers that he's cold, and Crichton explains that he's going into shock. Crichton's bedside manner needs work. Rygel tells Crichton that this is his fault, and I think Ben Browder was unable to contain his amusement at the dying puppet. It doesn't seem quite in character for Crichton to look as amused as he does here. Zhaan and Crichton step away from Rygel's bed, and she reports that Rygel's injuries show the same toxin that she found in D'Argo. Crichton points out that the Vorc isn't poisonous, and Zhaan figures she was wrong. That part's plausible. While they chat, Chiana is staring sadly at D'Argo, who's back in a nearby bed. Crichton asks, "If I bring it in dead, is there any possibility that you can make an anti-venom?" Zhaan says maybe. Bets? Crichton goes over to D'Argo and asks how he's doing. D'Argo blearily looks at Crichton for a second and then gasps, "Find my son." Crichton insists, "We'll find him together."

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