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The Muppet Masters

Crichton and Aeryn are following traces of green goo on the floor. "Blood. I knew we hit it," Aeryn enthuses. Crichton calls dibs on killing the Vorc. "We'll see, "Aeryn says, and peers around a corner. As she does, Crichton sees Scorpius shadowing her movements. Scorpius turns and grins at Crichton. Crichton quickly draws and fires, blasting a bulkhead a foot away from Aeryn. She whirls and gasps, "What the frell was that for?" Crichton blinks and says, "It was nothing; just clearing my head." Aeryn glares at him, but then there's a growl and the Hyde-Vorc rushes past a doorway nearby.

Aeryn and Crichton chase the Hyde-Vorc. They come to an intersection and realize that there's no blood trail to follow. They each start to move down a different corridor, and then Crichton says, "No, no, we are not splitting up!" While they start to bicker, there's a grunt, and they turn to see the Hyde-Vorc running away. They open fire and start chasing it, but then Crichton says, "That thing just gave us the slip. Why would it come back for us, unless it was leading us --" "Into a trap, what else?" Aeryn finishes. Maybe it's just tired of listening to you argue. But after a second, Crichton says, "Right. As long as we both know." With that settled, they hurry after the Hyde-Vorc.

Cargo bay again. Aeryn and Crichton edge through the crates again. There are growls and rustles in the shadows again. Maybe they should invest in better lighting for the cargo bays. It might save time. The Vorc is lurking in a back corner, and Crichton and Aeryn manage to jump out and get several direct hits. The Vorc collapses. It flails at them feebly and growls a little. Aeryn says they've got to get it to Zhaan. Crichton asks, "What is that?" He nods at something nearby, and Aeryn turns to look at a large black cocoon that's fused to the side of a nearby crate.

Chiana has fallen asleep, draped across D'Argo. Given that he's having trouble breathing, I don't know if he really needs more weight on his chest, but I guess it's the thought that counts. Zhaan is examining a slide under the microscope. We pan over Rygel, who suddenly opens his eyes just as bugs pop out of his face, skitter around, and pop back into his face. That's about twelve of my nightmares combined, so thanks for that, Farscape.

Cargo bay. Aeryn remembers that the parasites were reported to build cocoons. Crichton says, "It led us here to see this." The Vorc flails about some more, and Crichton and Aeryn move out of the way as it reaches one limb up to the cocoon. It slices the cocoon open, and inside we see a very sad, damp Rygel. Aw! Crichton frowns, "Holy body snatchers! Start talking."

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