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The Muppet Masters

The camera swoops into the corridor, where the sparkly ball Crichton was playing with rolls across the floor. Crichton strolls in after it, carrying a very long pole with a funky thing on the end. I can't tell if it's a weapon or a tool or what. Crichton reenacts Caddyshack, saying, "He's a Cinderella boy." The ball is, improbably, spinning in place as Crichton approaches and does some color commentary about how "this is a big chance for the kid from the Uncharted Territories." He prepares to putt the ball and hears a snarl from behind a grating. Crichton asks, "Sparky?" Another growl, and he ducks down to peer through the grating as he calls Rygel. Nothing happens for a second, and then that samurai robot thing from Brazil leans into the camera and bellows angrily. Crichton jumps back and fires through the grating a few times. The grate is knocked in, and Crichton peers down the empty space.

Credits. Shameless plug: The second issue of Casanova should be out around the time you see this. Matt Fraction and Gabriel Ba. Image Comics. It's very shiny.

Crichton, Aeryn, and D'Argo are bickering by the grating of mystery. Crichton insists that whatever he saw was eating their food. D'Argo and Aeryn are, not unreasonably, wondering if it was just Rygel. Crichton says it wasn't, and D'Argo eventually concedes that it could be one of the rumored parasites. Aeryn points out that there's no way out of the compartment. There isn't? Why is there a grating leading into a sealed compartment? I guess it's like a linen closet. Rygel hovers up and orders them all to get away from his food. Ah. D'Argo grabs Rygel and growls, "That food is for all of us!" Rygel gags and asks why D'Argo's all stinky. D'Argo snaps, "It's Vorc urine, would you like a whiff?" and shoves Rygel's face into his chest. Rygel struggles while the others tell Crichton about the Vorc. Crichton wonders if maybe that's what he saw, and D'Argo finally releases a very unhappy Rygel while Aeryn describes the Vorc. She gestures and says, "It's about this size, naked, with a face like this --" and then she puts two crooked fingers over her forehead for its horns, and squishes her face up. Crichton says, "No, it was more like tandoori chicken." He asks Pilot if the DRDs can help search.

Zhaan unpacks her bags of groceries. We go to monster-cam, as something ducks behind the counter. Zhaan crosses the room to put something away, and monster-cam hurries over toward unguarded the bag of food. Zhaan returns, and finds the bag knocked over with food spilled out. I assume it's food. It actually looks like stuff that you'd find at Lush if they had a "tragic mistakes" bin. With a sigh, Zhaan begins shoving the lumps of discolored soap back into her bag. Monster-cam makes chewing noises. A canister suddenly falls over, and Zhaan peers around before going to investigate. She stoops to get the canister, and suddenly gasps as monster-cam rushes at her.

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