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The Muppet Masters

Chiana wheels the empty Vorc cage along as she hurries down the corridor, calling for Zhaan. She enters the galley and tells Zhaan that the Vorc doesn't like his cage. "Well, what does he like?" Zhaan asks. Monster-cam is finally revealed to be the Vorc, now cowering in a corner. Zhaan tries to call it, and asks Chiana what its name is. Chiana says, "Well, I couldn't just name him, Zhaan. He's a free spirit. You can appreciate that." The Vorc wiggles its ears rapidly and eyes a vent in the ceiling. Zhaan says that she thinks it's wrong to imprison living creatures, then mutters, "There are always exceptions." The Vorc skitters out of reach as Chiana and Zhaan try to corner it. This goes on for what feels like a very long time, not helped at all by the comedic tooting on the soundtrack. It's unfair that I only mention the soundtrack when it's awful. When I don't mention it, assume it's quite good, okay? The Vorc tries to make a break for it, dashing across the floor just as Aeryn enters. She promptly grabs it by the neck and snaps, "This thing should be out hunting. You can play with it later." Chiana asks if it looked like she was playing. Aeryn thinks so, and lectures Chiana that the Vorc has to earn its keep. Then she suddenly doubles over, drops the Vorc, and examines her belly before growling, "Frelling bit me! That little..." She glares at the Vorc, which zips away as fast as it can. Wise move.

Crichton is idly playing with his ball (hush, now) while making useless suggestions to Pilot. Pilot assures him that the DRDs are searching for the parasite, but adds that he's skeptical about finding anything. Crichton asks why, and Pilot explains, "Officer Sun mentioned that you'd been distracted lately. She believes it's possible that you broke into Rygel's food cache and fired at an imaginary enemy while playing some sort of game." Crichton grumbles, and Pilot calmly notes that he's never known Aeryn to exaggerate. It's kind of rude of Pilot to openly tell Crichton that he trusts Aeryn more. He's usually more diplomatic than this. There's a metallic clang, and the camera swoops around to show Scorpius hurrying out of frame. Crichton drops the ball and unholsters his gun.

Crichton enters the cargo bay and silently creeps among the storage containers. There's a faint rattling from behind some crates. Crichton tenses himself, and swings around the crates, leveling his blaster at...Rygel. "Yotz!" gasps Rygel. Crichton asks what Rygel's doing, and Rygel huffs, "It's a cargo bay. I was checking my cargo. I was told we had parasites on board. Now, would you care to explain why you were trying to kill me?" Crichton nervously explains that he thought Rygel was the parasite, and exits. Heh. This is one of those episodes that's probably better the second time around. The first time, it drags a bit through the first half, but on re-watch it's more fun because you can look for hints. Makes it hard to grade, though. Especially because the Vorc is so unconvincing. I understand why they can't put as much effort into a puppet that they're only going to use for one episode, but yeesh.

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