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The Muppet Masters

D'Argo is hit with another blast of air, and the ship seems to be jolted a bit. Pilot announces that the DRDs have found the monster. Aeryn and Crichton start running, even though they don't know where they're headed yet. I guess they're figuring they might as well build up some momentum. Pilot continues, "It's in the airlock above you, Zhaan." He reassuringly adds that he's trying to seal off the tier to catch it.

The camera swishes past Chiana, who's standing around in a corridor for some reason. Zhaan calls for Pilot. Rygel calls for Crichton. And then adds, "Anybody?" Heh. The camera swishes past some DRDs. Pilot says, "It's moved out of the air shaft. Tier Four."

A DRD moves into a dark passageway. We get DRD-POV as it looks around. And then the monster lunges out, and the image turns to static. Why would it do that? Given what we see later, it seems unlikely that the DRD could hurt it.

Pilot reports that he's lost contact with one of the DRDs. Chiana runs down the corridor and then stops suddenly. Crichton runs down another corridor. The monster hobbles into a third corridor. We can see more of its body now. It's kind of a walking pot roast.

Chiana runs back the way she came, and straight into the monster. She screams and opens fire. Crichton runs toward the sound of her screams, shouting, "Nooooo!" The monster scrambles away as Chiana keeps firing. Crichton finally arrives and tackles her so that they both fall to the floor. He snaps, "Damn it, Chiana! I don't trust Aeryn to wing that thing, and she's a good shot!" He says they have to corner it somewhere so they can use the gas grenade. Chiana yells that it was a warning shot, and asks, "What did you expect me to use? Harsh language?" She keeps arguing as Crichton tells Pilot that they lost the monster. Then he turns back to her and wheedles, "Go back to D'Argo, and give him a reason to live." Chiana protests, "And do what? What? Sit by him and watch him die? This is the only way I know how to help him." Crichton stares at her, and before he can work out whether sarcasm or sincerity will work better, Pilot interrupts. The monster is now on tier three and moving fast. Pilot's powers really do come and go for no reason, don't they? Crichton and Chiana start running again. As Aeryn joins them, she declares that the monster is heading for Command. Crichton tells Pilot to seal the exits. Doors swing shut, and Pilot says that the monster is trapped.

Aeryn, Chiana, and Crichton arrive at command. They're each holding a blaster and a grenade ready as Crichton tells Pilot, "Open sesame." The door swings open and they enter. No monster. They cautiously search, looking in all the nooks and crannies of command. Crichton steps into a small alcove and hears a "Hmm." He turns, looking resigned, and sees Scorpius smirking at him. "Not now," Crichton whispers. Aeryn asks Crichton what's the matter. Crichton returns to the main room and quickly says he's fine. They continue poking around, and then Crichton spots something and calls Chiana over. The Vorc is lurking in another alcove. Aeryn figures it followed the monster into command. "So, where is it?" Crichton asks. The Vorc shakes its head and moans. Aeryn tells it to show them the parasite. The Vorc shakes its head like it's in Jacob's Ladder and squeals. Then it opens its mouth wider and wider until its mouth folds backwards and the monster leaps out of the Vorc's skin and across the room. Whoopsie.

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