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Pray For Osteoporosis

The underling from earlier enters Crais's quarters and reports that they've located the transport pod on the asteroid, and adds, in a more hushed tone, that Scorpius has ordered several Marauder teams into the asteroid field. He asks if it's true that Scorpius can sense their fears and their weaknesses; Crais, for his part, looks like it's just hit him that he'll never be allowed in the Captains Only Turkish Bath again. It's too bad -- he really does need to relax. Anyway, the point here is that this officer is loyal to Crais, and is trying to get some different orders out of him, but Crais is beyond caring at this point, and simply says to do as Scorpius commands.

Zhaan finishes plundering Br'nee's stores, and she and Crichton turn to go when an agitated M'Lee appears. She sinks to her knees, and seems to be willing to starve rather than attempt to eat them (well, Crichton, anyway) and Crichton says they have to find a way to take her with them. M'Lee nixes that idea, saying she'd never be able to control her urges, and informs them of what D'Argo told her about the Peacekeepers' imminent arrival. She cries, though, that she must eat something now, prompting Crichton to point her to Br'nee's corpse(s). She stands slowly, not daring to believe it for a moment, but rushes off-screen and gets to bone-crunching work. Zhaan: "There is much cruelty in the universe." There's much grossness, too.

Back on Moya, Pilot is complimenting them on the charts they brought back, saying that now they'll be able to find their way out of the asteroid field. A re-bundled Crichton asks Aeryn about the baby, and Aeryn's face lights up as she tells him he's amazing, "and frightening." Elsewhere, Zhaan is lamenting the fact that all the plants on the asteroid will now go to waste, but D'Argo says they'll be found by someone else, and repeats a sentiment from earlier: "In the great scheme of things, it's all the same." Zhaan wonders when their roles got reversed, and D'Argo tells her it happened when she needed it to. Rygel sexually harasses Chiana for a moment, and then Pilot tells Aeryn that Moya wants her to know how well she and the child are communicating now, and Moya would be extremely gratified if Aeryn were to choose a name for the baby. I'd be extremely gratified, too -- particularly if she'd choose one that's no more than, say, five letters? It's easier on the fingers that way. Aeryn's initial embarrassment gives way to bald joy. Aw.

In Br'nee's lab, Scorpius is giving his men instructions regarding their search of the asteroid. The underling from earlier enters and reports he found a survivor, and then M'Lee runs in and puts her arms around Scorpius in that same damsel-in-distress routine from earlier. The underling looks ready to pull her off, but Scorpius puts up a hand and says that they must sometimes show compassion. "As a matter of honor, sometimes we must be willing to give of ourselves." Hee. Scorpius, you crafty devil, you. I just hope for Crais's sake that he doesn't drink a lot of milk. M'Lee closes her eyes, and her light bulbs go from blue to red as we head into the closing credits.

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