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Previously, Scorpius explained in no uncertain terms that his role was John's protector, so that he would be able to take the proper action when "the inevitable Scarran bloodbath" begins, but he was also being creepy and spying on John and Aeryn. Later, Grayza casually mentioned to us that she and Braca were going to be meeting with the Scarrans, and Scorpius reconnected with Braca and told him to stall her -- no matter what her plans actually were, which neither of them have been able to figure out.

D'Argo's unnerved by Rygel's ongoing fast, but Rygel is off on a "self-discipline" kick after the trip to Kamp Katoya last week. Of course, the truth is that he's gotten used to Noranti's cooking, and has no intention of cooking for himself. John, by way of exposition, decides that he should cook something for the girls, who are off on a shopping trip, and are due back. Rygel is wearing a funny many-colored knit collar, and John's in full leathers -- jacket and gloves -- and keeps squeezing his hand to get feeling back after last week. Scorpius isn't so sunny, noting that they're actually overdue. And Scorpius is always right, so this is not going to go well.

There's a dead Leviathan that's been fused with an asteroid, nose down, to house a commerce settlement. Aeryn thinks it's pretty unimpressive and doubts they'll find what they're looking for, as they make their way through the market stalls, surrounded by people. Sikozu tells Aeryn and Chiana to look closer: "If we want to camouflage Moya against long-range scans, this is the place. If you were selling outlawed mods, would you want everybody knowing about it?" She points around them: "See these humble stalls? They also sell genetic transformations, species blending...and all the appropriate documents to go with it." Noranti starts shit with a couple of vendors -- "hundred-percent natural my tullum!" -- and Sikozu keeps dragging her further in.

They stop at a man in a white shirt and black vest who gets super smarmy super fast. " We want to speak to Rekka," Sikozu says, and he asks if she's sure they're on the right dead Leviathan. "I know you are his negotiator," she Sikozus, and the man notices Aeryn looking at him hard. "...And I also know that you make your deals in this pile of dren." He offers them a private table, and they follow him. He sets down some drinks and says the first round's on the house. "Care to hear our specials?" Sikozu says not unless he's running a special on sensor distorters, and he gets all wink-wink: "Sensual consorters?" Sikozu looks like she's gonna barf; Chiana of course giggles. "Is that some sort of pleasure toy?" Sure looks like one. Sikozu's like, "I get that your job is to check us out, and that's great, but cut the bullshit and start taking us seriously." The dude goes all eyebrows and says, "I'd love to take you. Seriously." Sikozu gets a headache, Chiana's loving it. "But won't your grandmother object?" he asks, indicating Noranti, who just then chokes on her drink and advises them not to drink them. "They're drugged." She looks up at the waiter with a whole lot of attitude; Aeryn lays her pulse pistol carefully on the table. Sikozu makes fun of him for using such an old trick: "Suggestibility potion?" Pshaw. The guy apologizes and admires their skills as a group. It's cool how this seemingly random grouping of Moyans actually does form a competent group: Noranti the advisor, Sikozu the street-smart one, and Aeryn the muscle. I can see how they would look pretty professional. Sikozu thanks him for the compliment and asks again to see Rekka.

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