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Aeryn tries to rush Noranti with the spores, and Noranti spits into her hand. "...Takes time. And spit." Aeryn frets, "We never have enough time," and Noranti's awesome: "I don't have enough spit, but I'm doing what I can." So hush up! Sikozu runs up and tells them that the prisoners have been taken to the dead bay nine, and haven't yet powered up the Stryker. Aeryn figures this means they have enough time, but Sikozu shakes her head: two Charrids came out of the bay and headed this way.

"You heard Ahkna's orders," says one of the Charrids, still in their armor. "If you see a Peacekeeper Commando, shoot to kill." Wow. See how awesome Ahkna is? They hide and then Noranti pops up and approaches them, worrying Sikozu. "I know who you're looking for, you don't have to harm me," she says, as Aeryn takes aim at them. Noranti promises to lead them to the PKs, then sneezes some Granny Blow into the face of the closer Charrid, who sneezes. Noranti patters for a few seconds, then points behind him suddenly: "Right now, there's one behind you. Right there, a Peacekeeper." The Charrids blow hell out of each other and Noranti hauls as back to Aeryn and Sikozu. Noranti: "Whoa. I must remember to get more mayla spores." Aeryn thanks her sweetly and tells her she did a great job, and Sikozu grabs one of the guns off a smoking Charrid. Aeryn looks at the Charrids and smiles up at Sikozu: "I know it's not your color, but..." And Sikozu smiles back. I wish they had their own spin-off.

A Charrid guards Grayza and Braca in the bay, as the Charrid uniforms roughly push Noranti inside, crying out for help. I love it when Noranti pretends to be scared, it's always so ridiculous and cute. "I don't even know any Peacekeepers! You've got the wrong young female!" They toss her to the floor and she asks the Charrid inside for help. He looks down, and the Aeryn Charrid calls out to him: "Hey, gorgeous!" She shoots him, as does Sikozu; Braca's mind is completely blown. The Charrid falls on top of Noranti, who's like, "Hello!" Sikozu counts out the leftover bad guys: "One Charrid, two Scarrans..." Interesting what she leaves out, and Aeryn fills in: "And two Peacekeepers." She doesn't salute with her body, but there's a ironic tilt in her voice as she nods at Grayza: "Commandant." Ha!

Chiana, still deep blue and emerald, hurries aboard Moya's transport pod and sits down, closing the door behind her. She futzes around with the control console as Rekka's waiter friend slides into Command, silently, and then grabs her. Rekka steps up onto the platform and knocks her out.

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