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Aeryn and Sikozu remove their Charrid armor; Grayza congratulates (sincerely) Aeryn on her "exceptional work." Aeryn sarcastically congratulates her on the Luxan treaty. "For that alone, I shall kill you both." She cocks her rifle at Braca's head; Grayza says smoothly that if she's alive, she can still repudiate the treaty. "But you proposed it, and you signed it," Aeryn says, and Grayza agrees that if Ahkna hadn't screwed her, she'd have stood by it. "We could have lived in peace." I do see where Grayza's coming from, a lot of the time. If you could let Talikaa die, say, because she wasn't in the family, that means your world extends to the limits of the family. The politics of location. Grayza's responsibility extends to the Sebacean people and no further, which would be honorable and nothing else if it weren't for the alliance with the Luxans. I don't agree, but I can see where she's coming from. Plus, as she points out, there's totally a PK Command Carrier orbiting the dead Leviathan, which the pod can't really evade.

An armed Charrid walks past the bay doors and Aeryn nods to herself. "If I'm not back at the pod in half an arn, you go without me," she tells Sikozu. She ducks back out and Sikozu orders the PKs to move. Outside, Aeryn turns the leftover Charrid and Scarrans into greasy spots.

Sikozu motions her rifle at Grayza and Braca, cuffed together, into the café. Noranti appears saying they should go to the pod, and Sikozu says they're going to wait for Aeryn. "Aeryn is dead by now," Grayza says, and Sikozu points the rifle at her. "I said keep moving!" Braca turns around, walking backwards, double-teaming Sikozu with their smooth prisoner talk. She is so not the girl for this. "Killing Charrids is one thing, but two Scarrans?" Sikozu yells at them to shut up; they've already won this round. "It was a great sacrifice on her part," Grayza sighs, awesomely. Sikozu lets them draw her in, and begins to argue with them. Noranti offers to take the PKs to the pod, and Sikozu can go help Aeryn, but Sikozu -- for about the hundredth time in this episode; the writer probably has OCD -- lists how many guns, which is just one, so that's a no-go, and Grayza says the Scarrans are probably just around the corner, and meanwhile Braca -- they really are a hell of a team, aren't they? -- offers some suggestions, but Sikozu's wigging, and Grayza applies some pressure: "If we stay we die. It would be a great pity if Aeryn's death were for nothing..." Sikozu steps just that inch closer, screaming that Aeryn's not dead, and Braca and Grayza go to work on her and Noranti, knocking them down and grabbing the rifle. That was awesome! Echoing Ahkna in the previous scene, Grayza informs us awkwardly of their agenda: "Prime the Marauder; we must leave immediately." A little more editing on this episode, that's the only drawback this week. Lots of repetition and weird expository moments. The actors couldn't even have helped with that, because it's different setups and different members of the cast doing it every time, so it's little things accreting that nobody would have noticed, but in the final edit, it's kind of an unholy mess. Great episode, but on that note only, it's super-suck and feels rushed.

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