Bringing Home The Beacon

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D'Argo sniffs loudly at Chiana, who's still deep blue; she asks if it's really necessary, and he's just like, "It's so crazy! How you smell!" She pulls out a syringe and -- still in the voice -- tells him the genetic changes of course change her scent. "Is it permanent?" She stops with the syringe: "Do you want it to be?" And he leans in close, smiling sweetly: "I prefer the elegant gray." Elsewhere, Rygel pesters Noranti to cook for him. "I may never cook again," she teases, and continues down the corridor, Rygel whining after. This is all so sweet! Where's the Downer Tag?!

Oh, right. John and Aeryn walk down the corridor, John comforting Aeryn about missing her shot at Grayza, and the escape. "We had her! We let her go!" John says he'll take the trade, considering that Aeryn's there and Grayza's not. (Can you imagine Grayza on Moya? I mean, in the Scorpius way, not like she was before. That's so weird to picture.) "She tried to strike a deal, Ahkna wouldn't go for it. The Scarrans must be dead set on war." John peers down a corridor and catches up with her: "That's Scorpy's line. Let someone else lose sleep over it tonight." Aeryn: "What should we lose sleep over?" He smiles and cautions her: "Careful." She leans in to kiss him, silently, but they are jolted together (drink!) as Moya suddenly drops out of starburst.

Pilot informs everybody that despite the starburst, the Scarran warship is still in pursuit, "at the extreme edge of Moya's senses." John and Aeryn join D'Argo and Sikozu on Command; John figures they've brought a homing beacon onboard. Pilot doesn't detect any signals, so D'Argo figures John's right. Chiana sweeps the pod for a beacon and comes up with nothing. Noranti is with Scorpius in the Neural Cluster, where they're testing the sensor distorter. It's clean too. "All right, it's not the hardware -- try the software," John says. Pilot adjusts his sensors. D'Argo: "Anything from that planet. Anything." Sikozu looks at John; John looks at Sikozu. Aeryn speaks softly, facing away: "You know, it could be her. We were separated." Aeryn turns to stare at her as well. "I did not betray you," she says, insulted, as a DRD scans her. Chiana stares at the DRD in the pod, asking if perhaps it wants her to undress. "The DRDs detect nothing from either Sikozu, Chiana or Noranti," says Pilot. "...Nothing from Aeryn, either." Scorpius says the "unavoidable next step" is a tier-by-tier search, which Pilot informs them is of course not a possibility. "The Scarran warship is now on the edge of Moya's sense horizon..." which I'm guessing is a lot smaller than usual, since they haven't put back her sense modulator yet. The Scarran warship, lights all over glowing dark red, moves slowly toward them in space as everybody looks at everybody else.

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