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Another guy wanders up from behind the waiter, with funny Bozo hair tufts on either side of his bald head. He looks like John Leguizamo in that movie where he was a clown monster, hair-wise. "Tell me what you need. What do you want?" He acts very much in a hurry and keeps going "come on come on" with his hands. I hate twitchy arms dealers. The waiter opens a case, displaying various tech, and Sikozu says they want a sensor distorter for Moya, "to fool long-range scans." What do they want to look like? Sikozu wants to look like an oil freighter, because that's what she knows, because she's the only person on this entire show who ever held down a job. (Seriously, think about it.) Chiana wants to look like a "fast pleasure yacht, with a jacuzzi." Cute. The waiter smiles at her. Aeryn rolls her eyes and asks instead for options. Rekka snaps his fingers and the waiter takes the case off the table.

"Well, I need to check your sensor modulator. Do you ladies know what that looks like?" Noranti opens her purse and takes it out, shoving it in his face, which falls slightly. "Gee, I guess we do," snorts Chiana, and Aeryn smiles. Rekka examines it: "That's partly organic. Leviathan." Aeryn congratulates him on figuring it out, and Rekka looks back at the waiter: "Distorter will only fool a warship if your movements exactly match your new identity. Is your pilot that good?" Sikozu says no, Aeryn says yes. Awww. Rekka laughs at them: "Your problem, not mine." He says that Leviathan parts are custom, so he's going to need to take Moya's modulator. Chiana worries that it'll leave Moya half blind -- not deaf, note, but blind -- and he says it'll only take four hours. And, the waiter adds, $19,000. Sikozu's like, "The fuck?" The waiter offers to throw in some complimentary tokens for the bazaar.

Chiana grabs the waiter and climbs in his mouth, tongue first, as Rekka watches, and offers him some "complimentary choices" of her own. "Would that lower your price?" Would you have a weapon in your armory and leave it unused, out of squeamish "good taste"? Crackers don't matter. Rekka ups the price to $30,000 at the offer, which makes Noranti laugh, and he turns to her: "And if it's that? Forty." She tut-tuts him: "Be nice." Aeryn negotiates for sixteen, and tosses the waiter a small bag: "Half up front." That's my girl. They say to meet at the transport pod in four hours -- Aeryn tries for a little slice on the timeframe, but he just says it's their rules. Rekka tosses them some tokens and they bounce. Chiana's not feeling the trust, and Sikozu agrees: "Just keep an eye on them, Chi." Chiana gets up and follows, losing them immediately. She checks out the aliens nearby, and then takes off after the dealers.

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