Bringing Home The Beacon

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John kneels beside her, rocks back on his heels. It's not enough to say "I love you," or "Honesty from here on out." The lies will get you. Even if you think you're over it, you're not. There's some part of you that still sees her as an imposter. Sikozu digs through her guts and hands Chiana the homing device from Aeryn's brain. "That device confining Grayza was not meant to transport her," she realizes, and Scorpius comms in from the Cluster. "No, it replicates living flesh. We've known about it for some time, but never encountered the result." Chiana peers down into Aeryn's head. "Effective technique," D'Argo notes. "No rescue attempt, while they're at their leisure to torture Grayza." "Then why did they take Aeryn?" asks Noranti, while Sikozu fritzes out in the background, all of a sudden feeling very close to Aeryn indeed -- "I got away, she got caught." Noranti wonders if maybe they thought the Aeryn would bring back Grayza. "Or Crichton," Scorpius suggests. D'Argo murmurs Sikozu's name, and she looks up at him, nods, and leaves him alone with John.

"You okay?" John is not. "You know...it's not Aeryn." John stares. "It was never Aeryn." D'Argo lays it out. "We're not gonna give up on her, John. Sikozu said the Scarrans are taking Grayza to a place called Katratzi. Maybe that's where Aeryn is now." John stares past the bioloid into the sky: "She could be anywhere out there." D'Argo promises they're not letting her go, and gives him a smile of support. John, alone, turns back toward the body.

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