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Sikozu and Aeryn stroll, Sikozu openly admiring Aeryn's negotiations. They grin and then realize Noranti's gone. Looking around for her, Aeryn spots some Peacekeeper Commandos and shoves Sikozu and herself behind a wall. The easy way Sikozu and Aeryn interact in this episode is really neat. Sikozu doesn't even question it, just jumps behind the wall and huddles: "How many?" Four...plus Braca and Grayza. Sikozu shakes her head: "They could not have followed us here. That is impossible." She gets shifty; Aeryn wonders if they were somehow tipped off. Sikozu slowly turns to look at Aeryn. To keep the suspense going, Grayza and Braca stop walking and have a cryptic conversation about "You sure they're coming?" "Yes, keep looking." And stare around all over the place.

Grayza, Braca, and the Commandos are looking all around as Aeryn and Sikozu watch from their hiding place. Aeryn tries to comm Chiana and can't get through; Sikozu figures they were probably jammed by the PKs. "Aeryn, we need to stick together." Noranti approaches them from wherever she was. Aeryn names assets: "One weapon...and I have six of them." Sikozu: "And two outlaws, who are on the same side," if there was a tip-off. They fill Noranti in on the Commando situation and ask her to track down Chiana and warn her. Sikozu: "We've got four long arns to stay low." Ah, the old Chiana/Rygel B-plot maneuver. How I have missed it. Noranti scuttles off to find Chiana and Aeryn names their choices: "Follow Grayza, find out what she's up to..." -- Sikozu nods at this one -- "...Or we can stay out of sight." Please, like that's an option.

Chiana spots Rekka and the waiter, being all sneaky and whatnot -- at one point they hide behind a bulkhead, and when she reaches it, she comes upon a group of aliens, mostly unfriendly. Chiana comes up to a counter, where some Sephora bitches stare her down. They've both got super-long fake eyelashes and Baby Jane lipstick on and they have bad drag queen style. One is short and stout and the other one is tall with a bouffant. They totally pull a Pretty Woman on her, all "Very expensive," when she asks what they do. They claim not to have seen Rekka and the waiter, so she slaps down a bunch of cash: "Well, I don't mind 'expensive services,' as long as they're worth paying for." She walks around the desk toward the taller woman.

Sikozu and Aeryn watch the Peacekeepers mill around, and at the same moment, Sikozu, Aeryn, Braca, and Grayza all recognize a jet-plane sound going overhead. "Do you hear that? Unusual sonic pattern." They agree that it's a Scarran Stryker and it's quite badass. "Fastest ship in the Scarran fleet," Sikozu tells us. She watches Grayza and Braca through binoculars, the way they're a little more intense now that the Stryker's there. Aeryn watches and picks up something about "information," and they nod at each other. "What are you going to do now?" she groans to herself.

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