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Sephora Bitch and Chiana have a conversation about what kind of services she's looking for -- again mentioning the genetic manipulation -- but Chiana decides on a massage. She lays Chiana down and pushes a button with her long acrylics, calling up a "Nebari neural node" hologram, which Chiana tries to look at, but the woman shuts it down and starts the massage. There's a lot of moaning and groaning and massage stuff, but it's Chiana so it's kinda dirty, and Chiana's like, "Fuck yeah! Dig deeper!" so the woman presses another button and turns into a Frisco Dumptruck with face piercings and a Shiatsu kind of anger inside. "Hey, uh...the reason why I'm...really tense is because I've been following these...two Sebacean males and I...uh, I...I think they came in here. And I...I was wondering if you could help me out." The person presses a button again, becoming a huge bald black man, who gets her in the milla nerve, which he explains paralyzes a Nebari from the neck down. "Permanently?" That depends. She's like, "I'm just a runaway Nebari, a crook like everybody else," and name-drops Rekka. The woman releases the pressure and Chiana gasps and stretches. "Frell! So you know, I forgot to tell him something, and...it would be really great if you could help me out." The woman, who could be anyone at all really, leans into her ear: "You have any idea what else we sell here?" Right: "Genetic modification. Shape changes." And whoever buys "a transformation kit" also buys "confidentiality." Chiana gets a headache. "So they probably just walked straight by me."

Grayza and Braca, with their squad, walk through the market settlement, Sikozu and Aeryn close behind. A female Scarran, in black leather and a tall horned headpiece, climbs up on a box and calls out. She's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. She's also played by Francesa Buller, who's also -- in addition to being lots of fun characters and this particular bad-ass -- Ben Browder's wife. Sikozu spots her and her squad, two nasty longneck Scarrans and two Charrids in battle armor, and they hide.

Later, Aeryn and Sikozu sit in a café, Aeryn with her back to the contingent. The Scarran lady continues to talk Scarran. "One Commander, one Adjutant, four warriors," which Aeryn notes is the same as Grayza's crew, which implies a meeting. Aeryn's PK-ness is like, "Why the fuck? Gross!" Sikozu's like, "Since they're here for us, it's the perfect opportunity for us to just leave," but of course my girl Sun isn't having that. "This is a perfect opportunity for us to stay. Otherwise we learn nothing!" Sikozu wants to argue but no words come out, because they respect each other as equals, and it's awesome. "Does this look like an official conference to you?" Sikozu agrees that it's not. Which means that Grayza's exceeding her authority, so they could use this to get her fired if they let Peacekeeper High Command know, and then she'll be off their backs. Sikozu's mostly onboard, but notes that's a whole lot of "if." "Have we been in a more fortuitous position to try than now?" Sikozu nods.

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