Crackers Don't Matter

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You Know, For Kids

Credits. His name is John Crichton. He was shot through a wormhole and now he's on a ship -- a living ship, full of Muppets. He's being hunted by an insane military commander. He meant Crais originally, which I always forget. He's just looking for a way home, so he can get a decent haircut.

When we return, Crichton's visiting Pilot. Since the teaser, someone sat down with Crichton and explained what happened using small words. And maybe a flowchart. So now it's his job to convince Pilot to go along with the plan. Pilot asks how the module is, and Crichton reports that it's fine, and so is he. He's still eating crackers as Pilot drily says, "While vaguely concerned about you, I'm much more interested in how this will affect Moya." Crichton insists that this might be the only way to escape from all the bounty hunters after them. Pilot doesn't want to go to "the transformation yards" on T'raltixx's home world. See, T'raltixx has to take them to his place, because a disappearing device for Moya would be too big to build anywhere else. When asked if he trusts T'raltixx, Crichton says that T'raltixx is blind, and that "barring the Yoda factor," if he causes any trouble, they can lock him up. Pilot repeats his question, and Crichton duhs, "Hell, no, I don't trust him. Do I look stupid to you?" Pilot blinks wearily, and Crichton quickly tells him not to answer that. He explains that when they get close, Pilot can do a long-range scan of the planet, and Aeryn will check it out in her Prowler to make sure it's safe. He insists, "I think it's worth the risk." Pilot sighs and announces that he's changing course.

Moya vrooms toward five prettily glowing pulsars. Up in Command, T'raltixx explains that his planet is a day's travel past the pulsars. Zhaan gazes admiringly at the flares from the pulsars, and T'raltixx says, "I should warn you..." Crichton interrupts, "Here it comes." T'raltixx insists that it's nothing to worry about, but that sometimes the light from the pulsars affects "lesser species." He clarifies: "Genetic laborers, ungifted menials. It's rare that it would disturb beings of your sentient stature." D'Argo asks what kind of effect the light has. T'raltixx explains that it impairs judgment and may cause some "wooooooziness." He really enjoyed saying "wooziness." I enjoyed it, too. T'raltixx adds that the effects are "minor and temporary." Everyone gazes out at the pulsars, and Crichton asks how everyone feels. D'Argo and Rygel say that they're fine. Zhaan volunteers that she does feel something. And she likes it! She closes her eyes dreamily and murmurs, "The light..." Crichton and D'Argo share an eye-roll and sigh, remembering Zhaan's blissfest from "Till the Blood Runs Clear."

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