Crackers Don't Matter

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You Know, For Kids

Chiana says that Aeryn and Crichton are up to something: "First of all, they don't want me to watch the beacon, and now they want me to watch the beacon!" It is pretty insidious when you look at it that way. Crichton says that he could "give a squirrel's nut" what she watches, and gestures toward her face. Chiana squeaks and shakes away from him. D'Argo pulls Crichton back and asks why they won't show Chiana the message. Crichton tells D'Argo not to touch him, and D'Argo promptly punches him in the face. They're a contrary bunch. Aeryn rushes over and gets in front of D'Argo as she whoas, "Oh, I don't think so." She and D'Argo eye each other as Crichton picks himself up off the floor. Crichton tries to calm things down, saying, "We're fighting over lousy crackers and secret messages that don't exist!" The music gets all swirly like a flashback is going to break out at any second, and Aeryn and D'Argo keep on smirking at each other in that special "I'm about to rip your throat out" way. Crichton continues, "We were never normal, guys...Someone wanna tell me what's happening?" Heh. D'Argo finally turns away and offers a small, "Sorry, John." D'Argo and Chiana cuddle against each other, and Crichton insists that once they're past the pulsars everything will go back to normal. Aeryn opens her eyes really wide and adds, "Chiana, feel free to take a look, or not take a look; I really don't care." Chiana nods and agrees that she'll do whatever she wants. Aeryn gives her a thumbs up and enthuses, "Great!" Chiana heads out, and as she goes Aeryn adds, "You know, I was only trying to--" and then she screams, "-- BE POLITE!" She hurries out through the opposite door. D'Argo asks if Crichton's okay, and, without getting answer, adds, "I'm good," and follows Chiana out.

Once D'Argo's gone, Crichton menaces, "Yeah, you're real good." He calls for Pilot and goes out the way Aeryn went. The camera pans up to reveal...oh dear, again. T'raltixx is clinging to the ceiling, and his head is turned all the way around so that he's looking down at the floor. Or he would be looking down if he had eyes. You know what I mean. A DRD on a nearby bulkhead beeps at him, and T'raltixx turns and leans down. Then a row of bright lights open up on his face where his eyes should be, and a bolt of energy bursts out, zapping the DRD. The DRD drops to the floor with a clunk as sparks shoot out of it. Aw. T'raltixx then skitters across the ceiling, which is something that probably disturbs Johanna, who has issues with things crawling across ceilings. To me it just looks goofy.

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