Die Me, Dichotomy

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Agnus Dei

Here we go.

Moya and Talyn orbit Hoth; on Moya, Zhaan sits and surveys her burnt-out quarters. Rygel Jazzies in, interrupting Zhaan's brooding. "We're dividing spoils from the Depository!" He starts laying out Zhaan's choice of booty, very cute and excited, oblivious to Zhaan's pain. For just a second, before she grabs the shit out of him. "She is burnt. She's badly crippled because of our desires. Was all this wealth worth it?" Ask a stupid question. She lets him go and some trinkets shake out of his robes. "Of course not, you blue bitch. But what's done is done!" As long as we're wealthy, she sniffs. "May as well put it to good use," Rygel says, hurt. "Crais and Talyn have located some kind of surgeon, a healer species. We're almost there. We're all choosing one or two items we want, and the rest is to pay any fee for Moya's remedy." She apologizes. "I misjudged you," she says kindly, and he laughs. "It's becoming your career." It always was. It's so dark here, on burnt Moya. Every room and every scene.

Freaked, Crichton paces in his quarters, stopping to look into the mirror as Harvey speaks. "Now listen, John, be smart. See the situation for what it is." John tells Harvey to fuck off and smashes a fist into the mirror where Harvey sits. Even when the shattered pieces fall, Harvey still stares back. Destruction of one's own image is a form of suicidal ideation: die me, dichotomy. He's backed into a corner. "No, John. Not this time. We've reached the end of the old. The beginning of the new." John says, begging: "I am in control. I am in control of me!" He smashes the mirror, John and Scorpius at once, and again it reflects the smirk. "No more, John." Once more: "Screw you!" And Harvey smiles. "The reverse is more likely." It already happened, it's already happening. John screams wordlessly, and continues to attack his mirror image. Like a bird gone crazy in its cage.

Aeryn enters and grabs him, frightened. "Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!" He falls forward onto the bed, Aeryn holding him from behind. Keeping him steady. He struggles against her; she holds him still. He struggles; Aeryn and Harvey hold him tight. And he screams: "I can't! Scorpius!" She begs him to believe there's nobody there; notes that he's bleeding. "Scorpius! Scorpius! Scorpius!" She begs him to listen: "Yes. Listen! He put a neural tracer chip in your brain. You know this. You know he isn't really here." But John can see him. He pushes himself off the bed and turns to her, anchoring himself in her arms. She holds his head in her hands; he's a shapeshifter too.

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