Die Me, Dichotomy

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Agnus Dei

"As I was saying," Rygel continues, "You must know your way around this backwater part of the galaxy..." he tosses a small blue gem onto the table. "I know who I need to know," says Grunchlk. "That's a very small stone." Rygel notes that Moya won't be able to starburst for awhile, so he's looking for other passage -- he tosses a clear crystal across the table, next to the blue gem. "There are some excellent choices available. It depends whether you require speed, stealth, or strength. That's another very small stone." All three, actually, and a small red stone joins the others. "Not impossible. That's three very small stones." Are these the storied negotiating tactics of the Hynerian Dominar? Because...this is bocce ball. Rygel drops a huge lead crystal like the one your mom hung from her rearview into the pink crap. Grunchlk fishes it out with the spoon, pops it into his disgusting mouth, and sucks on it. He then spits it into his hand, admiring it briefly: "Oh! Splendid." He needs to fucking stop putting things in his mouth and sucking them clean. That's like the last thing I need in a medical worker, even a zombie-keeping one. I bet they cover that on Day One at Grunchlk School. The fact that Tocot even deigns to speak to this freak says really unflattering things about his professionalism. On the other hand, his face is labia, so I understand that he's playing with a different deck of industry issues.

Zhaan visits John in her apothecary on Moya. His hands and feet are tied. "They're treating one more tier, then the Diagnosian wants you." John beckons her closer: "Odds are that I'm not going to make it..." Zhaan blah-blah: "Positive spirits. I pray to the Goddess." John entreats her also about how there's reality, though. "Your soul is troubled." Harvey, now. "When the chip's not controlling me, my thoughts are lucid. There are so many things that I want to say to my family and friends. If you could absorb these thoughts, you could find a way to get a message back to Earth." So he's asking her to join his demonstrably crazy ass in Unity? Now is so not the time. "I just want my dad to know," says Harvey. And Zhaan kneels; they have fathers in common. "Concentrate on me." The purest expression for the love that exists between John and Zhaan; between John and his highest self. Something that exists only between the two of them; something that redeems them both, unutterably meaningful and beautiful. Forehead on forehead, more intimate than sex. (And see, here, how Harvey turns her history upon her: the sin she can't escape, both in her life as an anarchist -- murdering in the middle of a holy act of love -- and in her life as a tainted mutant -- the only Delvian capable of destruction.) Twice now, before with John's spirit and now with his soul: forehead on forehead, warped and made ugly. The greatest possible violation.

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