Die Me, Dichotomy

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Agnus Dei

Aeryn enters Moya's Neural Cluster, where apparently John's reconfiguring a comm signal outside Pilot's control, so that he can -- John explains -- eavesdrop on Crais's radio traffic secretly. "I still don't trust him here." Harvey brings hate and fear and division into the Neural Cluster; into the mind of God. This is abomination. The Neural Cluster is used very specifically in the show: even when scary things happen there, you leave touched by grace. Harvey breaks the rules of love. Aeryn reminds him that Crais and Talyn have saved everybody's bacon a few times by now. "Look, Aeryn, if you're worried about that..." -- Harvey whistles -- "...inside my head, don't. He's under house arrest. Remember what you said? Strength." Which is awesome, Aeryn admits, but still, he needs to stop with the creepy black ops on the comms. "Aeryn, as long as I stay busy, he leaves me alone. Sometimes if I sing, he leaves me alone." John sits on a low wall and hums "The Ride of the Valkyries," regretfully. Aeryn sits on the wall next to him. "Look. Once the Diagnosian's finished with Moya, he's going to take a look at you." John shakes his head. "Won't help." She closes her eyes, rests her forehead on John's shoulder. "I am reminded at this point of a word that you brought to this vessel." She looks at his face, so far away. "Hope."

The scariest word in the Uncharted Territories: the word that takes one star and draws a thousand charts around it. The word that creates in its utterance, in the wake it leaves behind, a cartography for the unchartable. The word that creates in its utterance its opposite: a dichotomy, the word imputing fear and loss into that unchartable equation forever. Where before there was chaos, take zero and add two, and now there is certainty: now they have a way to get you. Now they know your heart. Another word for "hope" is "choices," the one thing she didn't have before she met him. That's how she found hope.

We see Harvey now; Aeryn sees only John. "I would be lost without you," John murmurs. And she responds: "Then you'll never be lost." The head on the shoulder, from "A Human Reaction," when they found each other; foreheads touching, more intimate than a kiss. The litany of their love, every signal they've ever given, and he turns it into something sour and ugly. She smiles slightly and looks up at his mouth; he rests his forehead on hers. "No matter what happens, you have...worked your way into my heart." And she looks up at him, so full of light and love. So much more. "You've shown me that I have one." He takes her face in his hands, voice ever softer, his cheek against hers, his nose and her brow. "I love you." And she leans in for the kiss: "I love you, too."

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