Die Me, Dichotomy

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Agnus Dei

John slams her head against the wall behind her and pulls her in, unconscious now. John smells her. "Mmm. You are so my girl." He licks her sleeping face from her nose to her forehead, slowly. I don't know how to do this.

Crais stands in Talyn's command, intensely carrying on a conversation with him although we can only understand half of it. "Officer Sun cannot be blackmailed or enticed. If she is to join us, it would have to be of her own volition. If she joins us freely, we will tell her the truth." A strange signal begins to play; Crais demands Talyn find the source, and "play it loud!" We head up into the overhead lights of Talyn's command, the screen bursting with white.

And into Moya's burnt-out blackness. D'Argo and Jothee march down the corridor. "It's a Peacekeeper signal," D'Argo growls, and Pilot identifies it on comms: "Crais says it's a special pulse code, known only to Captain's rank and above." Jothee shouts, confused, that John's never been a Peacekeeper; D'Argo realizes it's the chip. Jothee wonders what they're supposed to do once they find him, and D'Argo tells him: nothing. "It's too dangerous." Jothee begins to whine, and D'Argo turns on him, shouting again: "No!" Jothee watches his father walking away.

Aeryn's body lies on the floor near John, who's still working on his signal in the Cluster. Jothee orders him to stop; John tells him to relax. "Scorpius only wants me." Jothee: "My father says you're in no condition to make that decision." But, says John, Jothee's in no condition to stop him. "You really should have brought a pulse rifle," sighs John, and then grabs Jothee by the tonguelash, knocking him out. John drops the kid next to Aeryn and almost chuckles. "Like father, like son." Too true: D'Argo lashes him from behind, and Harvey goes down. It would be easier if Harvey were just Scorpius, plain and simple, just a tiny robot in the brain; the truth is so much scarier.

John is immobile, strapped to a table on the planet that's too short for him. Stark leans over, sweet and concerned and wearing that ridiculous coat. "How do you feel?" Stark would have to be here, wouldn't he? He's always been John's madness. He's always loved Aeryn, and Zhaan. And Scorpius. He's the only one who will ever understand that part: how the devil gets in; how you can love him. "Like a Popsicle," John mutters. "Gotta love this sphincter end of the universe." Tocot stands near John's head at one end of the platform, Grunchlk's off to the side, opposite Stark, who reassures him: "They're just going to have a look. An examination." John's head is held in place with a plastic band. "Make sure he puts the K-Y on the glove," says John, rolling his eyes. Stark's literally the only person he could make that joke with, I think.

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