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Putting Out, With Dark Sunglasses

Rygel, like Aeryn, strains for that sustenance just outside his reach, as Zhaan occasions to be walking by. She stoops to what we might laughingly, not knowing Blue, call his level. "Ah, Rygel. What a surprise. I see you're having something to eat. Is that your third helping, or your fourth?" He plays the Dominar card he always plays, saying that going the fuck home makes you hungry. He's so awesome. "You know, Rygel, there's no reason why you and I should be at odds with each other," says Zhaan. As she holds a food cube just out of his reach. I don't want to know these things about them, because they're true about me and they're true about you: at the end of the day you're Rygel and I'm Rygel and we always play the fucking Rygel game at the end of the day, and I hate you, and I hate me. "You know," she sleazes, still so sexy and so beautiful, "D'Argo will leave you here to starve." Just him? She grabs his wrist, reaching out: "You know, Delvian Pa'us such as myself are...are open to all manner of experience." She strokes his mustache; heads lower. Turns the sweetness of D'Argo on Rest Day into sour sickness. Crackers don't matter. Except when they do. Except on a day like today: "O, methinks, how slow this old moon wanes! She lingers my desires, like to a step-dame or a dowager, long withering out a young man's revenue." When the whole world's gone crazy, because you cut the hand that feeds you, leads you, loves you without asking anything in return. Always hated that play. I prefer the natural order of things.

"I'm not saying anything. I believe talk is...overrated as a means of connection between two consenting beings." He explains that he's not a "body breeder," and don't we just know what he means. (Also: "body." The concepts gets an overhaul this week.) "I mean, well, I'm not made that way." But he does understand pleasure -- it's his role in the journey. Pleasure, the body; Zhaan turns even this holy role into sour sickness: "I know the Hynerian earbrow is very sensitive. I can be very gentle," she whispers. "This can be a very remarkable journey for you." I don't want to know these things. Palpating his pleasure organ, she asks for the crystal; grunting sourly, he wakes from the dream of his body, because Rygel can be fantastic: "Safely hidden, where it will remain. You honestly think that I could find you appealing? I mean, you're so...blue!" Don't talk to the body about pleasure, from your parapet. Know your role and slow your roll, Blue. "If D'Argo and I don't get that crystal, you will starve." And my man Rygel tells her that's a long time coming, and she can shove it. And she bloody well can, as far as blue can reach. I hate this episode; I don't want to see this stuff.

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