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Putting Out, With Dark Sunglasses

He is also a rat person. Which explains why Zhaan's wondering if John's okay with rat people poking needles into John's eyes, comforting words or not. And hey, watch out who worries about this shit, people putting stuff into John's body (or vice versa) that they shouldn't, or else Season Four won't make any sense. This is where that starts. John pretends it's no big and Namtar's done just so fast. D'Argo tells Aeryn she's next and she tells him to fuck off; D'Argo doesn't know what to do because that's him next then, and Aeryn tell him to stop being a pussy. "Pack it in the chair and get this over with so we can get out of here." Namtar calls him "my dear" and asks if D'Argo's uncomfortable because of Namtar's rep, which Zhaan admits, but: ""It is your reputation, Namtar, that led us here." D'Argo sits, as Rygel talks about what an honor it is to meet Namtar and "take part in his grand experiments." Good old Rygel. D'Argo gets stuck and John checks in with Zhaan about making sure this is worth it. "Namtar may have data that Moya is lacking: data that we're desperately in need of," Zhaan replies, like you never split an infinitive. They're going for DNA samples, hence the title of the episode, and Namtar clarifies that it's beyond just the double helix: "...To provide you with the information you desire..."

Aeryn interrupts. And this is important, because of them all, she's the only one with a vested interest in not knowing, and I mean to say not giving a fuck, where her DNA can take her. Because where Namtar can take her is, of course, death. Not less but more. So when Aeryn interrupts, she's really saying this is horrible. This group knowing where all of their pieces really go; this family she's built saying, "This is a lie, and I am here to find the truth." And if we're going to have a show, we have to agree with her on some way, because finding a way home for these characters is interesting, but it would mean that we'd lose them along the way, as a matter of course. And I will assure you that, if we do lose them along the way, it's anything fucking but, and you don’t want that. Tell me you don't want that, even now. Namtar reassures her and summons Kornata, basically a Sebacean type, for assistance. "I will do each of you in turn. But beautiful Zhaan, I have chosen to do yours first." Because she's been placeless the longest, because she's the most in need of anchor; because it's D'Argo that apologizes but Zhaan that continues to fall.

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