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Putting Out, With Dark Sunglasses

Commercials, and then John and Aeryn are hanging out in a bar on the planet. "11 million species. 11 million, and he couldn't even at least narrow it down for me? I mean, sure, he can't pinpoint the exact location, but am I even in the neighborhood, here? He sure as hell pinpointed the others no problem." Aeryn shakes her head as if to say, "Yeah, wormholes, and also what are you bitching about? Because you have a home to go home to." John notes that, beyond the sourness, she didn't even let him poke her eyeball. "Have you forgotten? You and the others are trying to get home avoiding Peacekeeper territories. My home is Peacekeeper territories, it's just that I can't ever go back there." All caught up. Hurt enough? "Ever." Ah, there we go.

Aeryn goes wandering; John follows, reminding her about the whole PILOT'S ARM thing. Which, this is again a great episode, but no. This should have been the second episode, the one that said, "You do not even fucking know." But we're already halfway through Zhaan's depressing arc and one-third through D'Argo's and this is not the time to say, "You thought you knew but you didn’t," when in fact we are the ones that did know, and the show itself is wrong. Whatever, I love this episode for reasons that have nothing to do with the aliens onboard, it has just always struck me as stupid. Even though the final scene is awesomely heartbreaking. "Unless Pilot volunteers one of his arms, we're all gonna be blasting out of here together in about one hour..." He adjusts "hour" to "arn," but you know what? My microbes are working fine, which is why you won't see an "arn" or a "microt" in these recaps unless absolutely necessary. I already love the show, I don't need to be convinced that it's awesome. Especially if that shit is on a 1:1. Bless the rains down in Africa; I don't have the time. "You saw the looks on the other's faces. What makes you think that they're going to wait for Pilot to volunteer anything?" asks Aeryn. She does not add, "...other than the previous eight episodes, in which we worked toward a détente that worked on an emotional and vulnerable family level?"

Although in terms of proving Zhaan's now an asshole, which I've tried to do for you, I guess it works. I just think this storyline is better than all of them, collectively and individually. And we cut to them. Zhaan. D'Argo. Even Rygel. Wrestling with Pilot. And I don't wanna talk about it, because it's hurtful to look at and even sadder to think about. And Pilot, of course, tells them to go suck a dick, and they explain to him rationally and sweetly -- Zhaan taking point, mind you -- why this is a necessity. "Think about somebody else for a change," says Rygel, which is the only in-character bit of this horrible scene. "I will help ease your pain," offers Zhaan, and then she orders D'Argo, Qualta at the ready, to make the cut.

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