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Putting Out, With Dark Sunglasses

Namtar's lab: "This is still not right!" Kornata, his assistant, begs him to chill. "Your anger... Release me. Please." As though this is science and not another kind of war. "There is someone to see you," she offers. Someone else, again, in sacrifice, in the pursuit of safety. Aeryn enters, willing lamb to Namtar's science. "I was here earlier. I wish to participate in your...research." And as she sits in his awful chair, on the horizon -- the aurora -- of a new chance, he asks what made for the change in her outlook. "I know that there are other Sebacean colonies beyond the known territories. I want you to find me one where I..." And Namtar knows, for it's his sin too: "Fit in? We will look for it together." He pokes her fucking eyeball with his fucking needle. How can she not know? "It's burning," she says. Only for a moment. Something flares, something different, a purple kind of science there in the singularity that says we're getting to the meat of this. The only one who cried for Pilot pays the price. "When will I know the result?" And, oh: "It won't be long at all." And so it won't. Second soldier down.

D'Argo places Namtar's crystal on the strategy table in command. It means RatMan, for reasons that will become obvious, because the show is an investigation of the morality of science, first and foremost. But, because I'm obnoxious, here's another Sumerian legend: Namtar was the god of disease, of pestilence. He commanded sixty/all diseases, demons for every single part of the body, heart and soul and mind, and he was supplicated for the prevention of illness. In this way, before health insurance, he represented fate, making him a major god, a son of Bêl. And they followed his instructions to the letter, for he had power over the other gods. He was the messenger of Ereshkigal, with whom we've dealt before and will do again. Then in Tibet, a true story of what happens when the PKs take their jobs too seriously, a "Namtar" is a hagiography, like a saint's bio, but the word itself means "complete liberation," and it arrived at this meaning because of the way it told the stories of yogis who attained enlightenment. Sound like anybody we know? Sound like everybody on the show, cruelty or no? (Even unto this: namtars don't necessarily follow strict chronology, by definition, but rather "function as a learning example, that hits the high points of the yogi's spiritual life.") And in this way John becomes more, and Aeryn becomes -- watch -- more, and we become more, in watching and thinking. And loving. Loving them, and us, and you and me, and not taking regular shits on Pilot. Basically.

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