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Inherit Rygel's Wind

Okay, after this one is over and done with, I think I'll finally start loving the eps again. So, the first time I watched this one in 2003, I was pretty confused. Having come fashionably late to the Farscape party, I started watching when they were being re-run on Sci-Fi, and I definitely wasn't following how "Dream a Little Dream" was slated for a season-opener. And you know? Thank god, it wasn't because I never would have watched the second episode. There are some nice moments in this ep -- for Rygel, mostly -- and it does explain Zhaan's catatonic state, which annoyed the fuck out of me in the actual season opener. I think this was because I was so excited that the whole crew was back together, all safe and whole, but instead of sharing my dance of joy, Zhaan was off...Zhanning out. I had no idea it was because of what she went through in this episode.

Crichton watches as Moya starbursts away, leaving him and D'Argo hanging out in space. Peering through a breath-fogged visor, Crichton looks over at D'Argo's unconscious face. The two of them float, joined by hands, alone. Crichton calls out to Aeryn, who is with them only via comm link. In her prowler, she still can't get to them. "It doesn't matter," Crichton murmurs, "D'Argo's unconscious." Aeryn gets buzzed by Peacekeepers. She can't escape. She screams, hysterically, "Nooo!" as her prowler explodes. (First dream clue: Aeryn wouldn't scream "Nooo!" hysterically.) Crichton (who would scream hysterically) yells, "AAAAEEEERYYYYYN!" A tiny crack appears in his visor. And another. A tiny hole is blown, venting a tiny stream of oxygen. Crichton bellows the last of his air as his face is sucked inward into a desiccated death mask. His lips pull back, exposing several (?) rows of destroyed teeth, his eyeballs bulge out and open, and his tongue lolls out, grotesquely elongated by strangulation. Effective and horrid.

In a Moyan transport pod, Zhaan rears awake from her guilt-ridden dreams. Crichton -- beautiful, non-desiccated Crichton -- is there poking around in the pod's guts. He jumps at Zhaan's shouts and chides, "DAMN! Zhaan! That is where heart attacks come from!" Zhaan gasps that her circuitry organ doesn't seize up. "Mine does," Crichton points out. Zhaan apologizes and says no matter how much she meditates, she can't stop dreaming about all the bad things that could have happened to Crichton, D'Argo, and Aeryn. Since the two of them are stuck waiting for Moya to come pick them up, Crichton coaxes Zhaan to talk about her bad dreams. (But not after first attempting to lullaby her back to sleep with "Dream a Little Dream," aw.)

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