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Inherit Rygel's Wind

The next morning, Zhaan is chanting to herself and not responding to Rygel. Briefly explaining her kidnapping, Chiana grabs Rygel's comm and tries to get Pilot back on the line. All that comes back is static for a bit, but then Pilot calmly says, "I am here, Chiana. Moya chosen to give you a little more time." In tears, Chiana thanks him. But it wasn't Pilot's doing. Moya heard the whole conversation with Ja Rule and Jiffy-Pop because Chiana's comm was still off the hook when she was kidnapped. However, Pilot and Moya need to know if staying around means Rygel and Chiana will be able to save Zhaan. Rygel draws himself up thoughtfully and says he thinks he has a way, "It's chancy and will require lashings of deception and trickery." Chiana smiles, relieved, "Finally, you and I get to play to our strengths!" Yeah, but never forget that you were still doing fairly well without them.

In the courtroom, Chiana says they have one more witness to call: Ja Rule. Sworn in and on The Axiom, Ja Rule submits to Chiana's questions, which are all about how lying in court is very, very bad. Rygel zooms up and supposes that if he were to ask Ja Rule about Kenn's death, his response would be what? "That I know no more about the unfortunate and untimely death than any other ordinary citizen, namely that your plant did it," Ja Rule sighs, thoroughly bored. Chiana slams down a wooden chair, splintering it to pieces. Talk about courtroom dramatics. Chiana brandishes a piece of wood and agrees that anywhere else, it's just wood, but here, in this courtroom, the wood can tell fact from fiction. Chiana raises the piece of chair and announces, "The defense designates this the Light of Truth." Ja Rule blusters that the Light of Truth is a parable, and Rygel argues back that The Axiom would disagree. Ja Rule appeals to Judge Joody that the piece of chair is just ordinary wood. "Well, the Light of Truth is ordinary wood," Chiana points out, "Only when it is near a witness under oath --" "-- does it react with special properties," Rygel finishes. Judge Joody will allow it but warns them against mocking Litigaran law.

Chiana ignites the wood and holds it up. It doesn't so much burn conventionally as it does appear as though the glowing part is actually a square light bulb. Rygel and Chiana proceed with their line of questioning, confirming that Ja Rule's law firm stood to benefit from Kenn's death and that getting an offworlder to take the fall would be mighty convenient. Ja Rule protects himself by answering with "speaking hypothetically" and "it doesn't necessarily follow." Rygel reminds everyone that the cop got moonburn, but the victim didn't. Chiana goes on that maybe Kenn was murdered elsewhere and dragged to the alley where Zhaan was sure to be. "Speaking hypothetically, yes," Ja Rule says. "Are you speaking hypothetically?" Chiana asks. "Now, Pilot!" Rygel whispers. "Yes, of course I'm speaking hypothetically!" Ja Rule says impatiently. Pilot pushes some buttons and Moya sends a beam of light to the planet. The stick explodes with light. Judge Joody leans forward. Ja Rule next denies sending Jiffy-Pop to help Zhaan escape. More liar, liar burning bright action. With each denial of the plan and action of the murder, the stick glows even more bright until Pilot shouts "Maximizing!" and the wood burns with the heat of a thousand dual full moons! Ja Rule gulps and quietly wets his pants. Rygel delivers his closing statement, "Your honor, are you going to believe the protestations of an obviously guilty man or the very symbol of your law, your world, YOUR TRUTH?!" Judge Joody considers this a bare second before nodding regally, ordering the arrest of Ja Rule and dropping all charges against Zhaan.

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