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Inherit Rygel's Wind

Zhaan drops heavily down next to Crichton, and says they searched for the three of them for twenty days, and the last world they searched was Litigara. The name of a lawyer planet is Litigara? They're about as subtle as Tolkein and J.K. Rowling with their proper nouns, aren't they? Crichton allows Zhaan to gather her thoughts and courage, before carefully asking her what happened on Litigara. A few more quiet prods, and Zhaan finally opens up. She wants Crichton to understand, Moya was anxious to leave Litigara's orbit to search for Talyn. So, in her search, Zhaan was getting desperate.


Zhaan desperately asks a bartender -- whose pearly alien make up and thick, velvety black overalls indicate that he spends his days as a mime and his nights sweating the makeup off in his bar -- if he's sure he hasn't seen D'Argo, Crichton, and Aeryn. She grips his sweater insistently. He removes her hand and says pointedly, "I'm sure." A bunch of folks in black body condoms, who look as desperate as Sean Young to play Catwoman, listen with obvious interest to this exchange and watch Zhaan drape herself at a table where a drunk Rygel slurs all over her. Zhaan is very close to completely losing her shit, and to piss Zhaan off even more, Chiana can't keep her fists in her pants and rumbles loudly with other Litigarans. Okay, scratch the Catwoman image. The Litigarans are wearing wet suits, which basically makes them a surfer culture who took a decidedly different interpretation of "hang loose." Something Zhaan is about to find out.

The trio hits the streets of Litigara, and I have to wonder: why does every sinister, never-having-light, alien city feel the need to model themselves after Blade Runner? Let's get some new alien city planners, people! Zhaan pleads with Pilot to give them more time to find the others, but Pilot and Moya are obdurate: it's time to find Talyn. Now. Zhaan exhaustedly gives in and then deals with Rygel and Chiana's resulting protests by tearfully accusing them of being useless in the search. Unaware that she's being followed by one of the Litigarans from the bar, Zhaan charges off alone. However, she's stopped by a yelling crosswalk ordering her not to walk. The skulking Litigaran grins evilly and pushes an evil button. The crosswalk tells Zhaan she can now cross, so she does and nearly gets run down by one of the few vehicles not cruising above street level. A few beefy cops yank Zhaan to her feet and toss off Chiana, who was attempting to help Zhaan up. The cops drag Zhaan off to jail for jaywalking.

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