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Inherit Rygel's Wind

Jail. Since Zhaan is now dealing with her unfortunate incarceration, Chiana has to deal with Pilot and Moya. Much less gentle and breakdown-y than Zhaan, Chiana tells Pilot that Moya's going to have to chill the fuck out for now, before turning back to Zhaan. Chiana and Zhaan's cell confab is interrupted by Zhaan's public defender arriving on the scene and speedily extrapolating what Zhaan's sentence for jaywalking would be: "You're an offworlder, didn't know the laws. Good judge in a good mood, I'd say expect the minimum sentence: ten solar days and you're on your way home." Zhaan starts to wilt with despondence as Chiana explains to Dersh (yes, that's his name, and no, I don't know if his last name is "owitz." Or "anvil.") that they can't stay there for ten days. However, Dersh is already on whatever passes for a phone in Litigara saying, "Talk to me" to someone else. Yes, Virginia, even outer space has those kinds of pricks. Chiana wants another lawyer, and Dersh gestures around for her to take her pick because 90% of their planet are lawyers. Talk about living in the most opinionated zip code. Man, 02138 has nothing on them! Dersh will see them in court tomorrow. Zhaan mumbles that she needs her lawyer to listen to her. He can't hear her, and cheerfully (but obnoxiously) barks at her to speak up. Enraged, Zhaan grabs her Dersh's throat and tries to pull him through the bars of her cell. Cops surge in and cattle prod Zhaan into submission. Dersh gasps on the floor that he's okay, Zhaan bugs her eyes at him. "I don't know what's wrong with me," Zhaan tells Chiana tremulously.

In the office of Plotting, Scheming, and Conspiracy, Esqs., some guy named Roman is on the phone with a nervous-sounding guy, who is complaining that it's not a good night for him. Roman tells him to shut up because they have the "perfect subject" and the plan will be carried out and hangs up. Just in case we didn't already know who their "perfect subject" is, Roman fires up a projected image of Zhaan in her cell. Roman tells the crosswalk tinkering Litigaran -- who, judging by her shiny, shiny suit, clearly gets her fashion inspiration when eating Jiffy-Pop -- that she's done well. Jiffy-Pop smugs out of the office.

Zhaan paces in her cell and hallucinates that Aeryn, D'Argo, and Crichton have come to her rescue. Her whimpering, "I need you here to rescue me," is very telling. Whenever rescuing needed to be done, one or all of those three did it. It's now time for Rygel and Chiana to step up. As the hallucination fades, Zhaan collapses into tears. A Crichton vision comes and sits with her, explaining that she has to accept that he, Aeryn, and D'Argo are dead. As Zhaan clings to his arm, the Crichton vision sits there with a simpering, bland, unconcerned smile on his face. After Crichtonvision leaves Zhaan to her misery, Jiffy-Pop pays her a visit and tempts her to escape by melting a cell bar and giving her a map out of the city. Zhaan briefly wonders why Jiffy-Pop is helping her before accepting the map and escaping.

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