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Inherit Rygel's Wind

Gathered in Zhaan's cell, Chiana attempts to go through hefty law tomes to help them build their case. She causally lets it drop to Rygel that if they are found lying on Zhaan's behalf, they'll also be executed. Enraged and panicked, Rygel growls, "How could you never tell me that?! I thought we might even pull this off, but you and me not lying? Are you mad?!" Hee. Seriously, of all the crewmembers, the two biggest liars have to testify on pain of death to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Chiana ends all discussion of the matter by announcing that they are all in this together.

In the same bar from the opening, Chiana and Rygel attempt to study. Chiana sees a Utility get maltreated by some esquires and asks the bartender if he and his fellow Utilities get a lot of that. "They're lawyers," the bartender grits out, "It's their right." Utilities, explains, have no rights, that's why the murdered Kenn was fighting for him and his comrades. Chiana swears her friend didn't murder their advocate. The bartender seems to already know this and points out, "But can you prove it under our law?" Chiana bitches about the complexity of Litigaran law, prompting the bartender to covertly slide over a book. It's the basis for all the Litigaran laws before they got all messy and red tape-ified. How did it get so complicated? Well, more and more people wanted to become lawyers, so the law had to get more and more complex to justify their existence. Bartender taps The Axiom and tells Chiana it's the only book they need.

Back at the pokey, Zhaan is visited by the Vision of Aeryn past. While Crichton's manifestation told Zhaan she needed to accept the present situation and soldier on without them, Aerynvision's here to represent Zhaan's feelings of guilt and regret for leaving the three of them behind. There's a lot of, "Why did you leave us, Zhaan?" and "You could have waited," and after Zhaan pleads and explains and justifies, the vision dematerializes in tiny dots.

Back in court, Zhaan insists that the trial can't be allowed to continue. She admits to her guilt and says she killed the guy in the alley. In a whispered confab with desperate Chiana and contemplative Rygel, Zhaan says she refuses to be responsible for any more of their deaths. Rygel points out that they haven't lied yet, adding, "Of course, the trial's only been on for a few microts." Hee. Judge Joody pounds her saltshaker and starts to say, "In light of a full confession..." But Rygel interrupts to point out that yesterday they wouldn't accept Zhaan's plea without her lawyer's say-so. Well, as her lawyers, they don't give their say-so in this case either. Zhaan blathers on about crushing Kenn's throat and Ja Rule smiles. Chiana wants Zhaan gagged for her own protection. Zhaan melts down. A cop -- I guess it's a bailiff -- drags Zhaan around and there's a sound of ripping tape. When Zhaan turns around again, there's a metal mesh patch covering her lips. It looks like the mesh that covers speakers, so I'll bet she could still speak through that, even at elevated volumes.

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