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The Enemy Of My Enemy Is...

Moya's in starburst, and it's a rough ride. Crichton asks what's up with that, and Pilot tells him that it's an unfortunate but unavoidable consequence of Moya being weakened from her pregnancy. Zhaan pipes up that her sensors are compromised as well, and that basically none of her systems are running anywhere close to peak efficiency. Pilot testily snits that he's compensating for the sensors, but Moya's child has first call on her resources. Too bad she doesn't know what a load of trouble her kid's going to turn out to be right from the start. Most parents at least get two years. Zhaan snits to Crichton that she now understands why the Peacekeepers tried to prevent the pregnancy, and she's certainly selective enough about when she turns on the Delvian empathy, if the way she murdered her lover wasn't enough of an indication. They come out of starburst, but their relief is extremely short-lived, as they immediately see a small ship on a collision course with them. After a cute shot of Rygel getting pitched about in his pajamas, Pilot unsuccessfully tries to evade it, and it hits Moya at a rather hard clip. Pilot reports that Moya is undamaged, but the other ship has lost "propulsor control," so he's deploying the docking web. Zhaan and Crichton both think that perhaps that's not the wisest idea, but Pilot feels that the collision was his and Moya's fault, so he brooks no dissent. Crichton runs off to "rally the troops"...

...and, presumably some short time later, a long- and white-haired figure enters from the hangar. Apparently the use of "troops" to describe the welcome wagon was completely apropos, as Aeryn and D'Argo both have their large weapons leveled straight at the guy. The guy...tells...the crew...that...he...is...un...armed. Sorry, it's just that the guy speaks really, really slowly. And I guess I shouldn't make fun, just in case he's had some brain trauma that's causing him to talk this way, but really, what are the chances of that? Anyway, Zhaan rushes up and says that the dude's ship is armed with a powerful energy weapon, but he counters -- slowly -- that it's powered down as a sign of their peaceful intentions. He asks if it's okay if his two shipmates join him, and when Aeryn assents, he calls them. However, Rygel has just appeared on the scene, and when he hears the guy's voice, he looks up with an expression so fearful you'd think all of his wives had come to give him a piece of their minds en masse. We flash back to Rygel's memories of Durka, and realize that, underneath the eye patch and long hair, that's who's standing before us now. Rygel hisses that he can't be alive, as we flash back to the vision of "Durka's" ("SPOILER!") corpse, and then Rygel Thronesleds forward and hocks a huge loogie right in Durka's face. Well, at least the eye patch is being put to good use. Despite the fact that they're still leveling their enormous boom sticks at Durka, his shipmates think that Rygel is being rude, so he tries to convince them of Durka's identity, but Aeryn dismissively says that Durka died over a hundred cycles earlier. However, Durka owns up to who he is, prompting the opening credits to roll. He's going to have a lot to answer for once they're done, but at least now he's got a few moments to wipe the slime off his face.

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