Exodus From Genesis

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Aeryn Wide Awake In the Garden

John inquires about how Zhaan's doing, and she admits it's weird: "I can still sense her, deep inside...[it was like how] we're imprisoned in this room, with the rest of the ship just out of reach: I was within my own mind, yet I couldn't reach past, to think or feel what I wanted." Which is the best description of the not-so-nice stuff about Zhaan you're likely to hear, even if that doesn't apply here. John smiles sweetly at her that he's glad she's safe, and she gives him a bunch of wonderful, calm credit: "Now you've struck this truce, we're all safe." I could kiss her for that. John's so proud he floats back across the room to Aeryn, where he sits and remembers not to touch the bunny. She jerks her face toward him, still terrified by the boogeyman of her own body, and he asks if she's "feelin' better." (The accent right now, wow. Poor guy.) She's like, "No, actually still feeling hellish." He admits he doesn't know how long this is going to take, and caresses her cheek wonderfully. "We didn't cover the life cycle of deep space insects at JFK High." Everybody silently wonders what they did cover. Apparently simple levers and switches, for example, were not on the curriculum. Not freaking the fuck out all the time. Plans that make even a tiny bit of rational sense. Things they did cover: Giving Yourself a Hell Yeah, with Posturing Lab. Not Smacking Muppets. Sexual Tension Like To Kill Ya. Ass-Flattering Pants. That one, though, he did AP.

But what about the Marauder, you ask? Surely with Aeryn sucking on Crazy Death's toes, we need yet more problems. Commandos load out in Moya's docking bay, in slo-mo of course, and do a quick recon. Team Second, Kyona, uncovers the dead Aeryn body and recognizes it, and calls over her Team Leader, Lieutenant Melkor. Heh. Should've called her Caspar instead. Melkor checks out the body and congratulates it on escaping "a Captain Crais court-marshal." I fucking hate Peacekeepers. Caspar's like, "How come this Leviathan -- which is clearly the one that Crais is obsessed with, is hanging out with the keys in the ignition? It's not broken." A fake D'Argo appears and freaks them all out. It's hilarious how you immediately know they're clones, in this episode, because of the lack of banter. Normally, the cast cannot shut up for any reason. They tell him to chill, but he advances anyway, and they blow hell out of him. Melkor orders them to advance to command, shooting to kill as they go.

Our guys, still in the room, notice the heat's gone up again. Particularly poor Aeryn, who wiggles and groans and looks like hell: "Why?" Pilot informs them there's been weapons fire on board, and D'Argo and John both are like, "Wha?" Pilot tells them that Moya's not thinking too well right now, because of the Genesis, but that it seems to be coming from the maintenance bay, and then puts together the Marauder issue. He always sounds so freaked out. At least he always has a reason. D'Argo, predictably, goes into full-on wall-kicking growly mode, and John figures that the heat is happening because Sun-Maid thinks they welched on the deal.

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