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Aeryn Wide Awake In the Garden

Another D'Argo comes around the corner on the five PKs, and Caspar yells, "Another Luxan!" because they all look the same to Sebaceans. Melkor remembers the brief, that there's only supposed to be one Luxan onboard. They're both right. They blow hell out of fake D'Argo #2, and a Zhaan comes up behind them, and when they shoot her she hits the bulkhead and slides down, smearing blue bug crap all over the place. That was the one that freaked me out, even though I knew it wasn't her. Little did I know that they all manage to die in every single episode, like Kenny. If you had a nickel for every episode where we watch the entire cast die horribly, you could actually afford this show on DVD.

Back in the cell, John's trying desperately to contact the Raisin Queen. By yelling into the air. "We aren't the ones attacking you! Speak with me, dammit!" Aeryn whispers to him: "It's up to you..." He shushes her, tries to put her off, but she won't be quieted: "Before the Living Death takes hold, you have to be prepared to kill me. Promise." A world of no, for about a billion different reasons, but she gets him anyway: "Look, you said I'm not alone. A friend would do this for me." FOUL! "Family would do it swiftly." TOTAL FOUL! He cannot handle the idea of this conversation, much less actually having it. Me neither! John looks over at D'Argo, who made this happen with the power of the jinx.

Caspar mentions the heat as the Commandos continue toward command, and Melkor tries to switch a valve in the corridor, but is defeated by blue gunk. Sadly, there is no Delvian around to kiss him on the stupid forehead and give him something to prove. Melkor's convinced that "the prisoners" did it, as their only defense, and Caspar wonders aloud what the goo is. "We must resist," says Melkor, all flinty, and another Commando is like, "Fuck that." Melkor long-jumps at him and slams him into the wall. "I'll attribute that to heat delirium, Officer!" He shoves the guy toward command, and they continue. These guy don't even have a chance.

Rygel stands in front of the nest, on comms with John. I basically love the little shit here. "I can't do this. I can't." John's sorry, but there's no other option. The way it's shot, you don't really see how gross this is going to get yet, so you have to use your imagination as Rygel's like, "Do you realize how hideous this thing is?" Which: it's gotta be pretty bad if Rygel's grossed out. "You wanted to negotiate, now's your chance!" Zhaan (maybe a bit on the nose here) says to ask him what Rygel the First would do. John starts to ask, but Rygel just hangs up and turns his comm off. That's my boy. I couldn't be more impressed if he were capable of actual change or growth. Rygel walks regally (and CGI-liciously) up to a birth canal, meeting briefly with a bug at the entrance. It's all about the slo-mo and zany music, but this is actually a hugely symbolic moment, so I don't mind.

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