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Aeryn Wide Awake In the Garden

"I am Rygel. Sixteenth of my lineage, Dominar of the Hynerian Empire. At once your equal, and your humble petitioner. Requesting an audience." (Not to get graphic here, but he just basically did the entire plot of "A Human Reaction" in a few seconds, complete with reconnect to the father archetype: I'm guessing whatever goes on in there, we won't see it happen, because it's his journey alone.) And he's right, it's pretty ooky unless you're really into biology, which I am really not: straps and flaps of skin, the Original California Raisin staring at him through the veils. The Grail, on a not-so-fresh day. After a few moments, the soldier bug grants him entrance, and he moves into the oogy area. We see his silhouette as he makes his way in to her. Somewhere, Jonathan Riker breaks out in a cold sweat. If you can make it through this episode, you're good to go. Feel free to be just as proud as Rygel in this moment.

John, panicked, just keeps screaming over comms, begging Rygel to reply, but it's just silence. He's so not ready for this jelly. There are tears in his eyes for Aeryn. Commercial.

John's still screaming for Rygel, but D'Argo's like, "He's dead. She ate him." I'm so not even going into D'Argo's sex stuff right now, but: man alive. John's hysterical about how it was his idea, but D'Argo points out that the rest of them are still alive. Aeryn agrees with D'Argo, so John runs to mommy. "Zhaan, what do you think?" She flips out all Spicy Oatmeal again. "Monarch?" asks John, because the slo-mo can only mean one thing. Well, in this episode, five things, but he's right. "Silence," she commands. "I've got a Hynerian up me." He begs her to listen, but she just tells him to cram it while she talks to Rygel. "I will not be silent! You're killing her for no reason!" The meeting ends. "I have communed with your sovereign. He is most agreeable. I trust him." Good on you, Buckwheat. "Rygel is not my sovereign!" growls D'Argo, but John's like, hush. "Then you know we wouldn't hurt you." Raisinette's all Zhaan for a sec: "I know all." It's said with a grip of gravitas that shuts John up. He knows from holy stuff, I'll say that for him.

The commandos have reached the ion backwash chamber when a John clone arrives. Melkor takes it out, and some bugs show up, and there's lots of gunplay.

Zhaan screams when the soldier bug babies are hit. John begs her to let them out so they can help defend the homestead, sneaking a look at Aeryn. Every time you think she looks as assy as possible, she goes one better. "We can stop them," he pleads, and Raisin Helen takes a second, thinking, before she opens the cell door. The Aeryn guard outside steps back. "I will allow the thermal to lower," Swamp Things the Raisin Queen, and John tells her to wait, looking over at Aeryn. She locks eyes with him: "Do it." Man. She'd rather catch some Living Death than be keelhauled and executed, because then she won't have to look them in the eye. The depth and breadth of the PK thing is hard to pick up on, because you have to work backwards from knowing her, but consider this. The Peacekeepers don't even have parents: just the Peacekeepers. They don't have religion: just the Peacekeepers. They don't have friends or lovers or wives or husbands: just the Peacekeepers. They don't have yards with grass, or skies with clouds, or puppies, or diaries, or television, or manicures or Buffy or Taco Bell. Just Command Carriers. Fuck that up and you're not just fucking with your job: you're fucking with the entire universe. Everything is PK or not PK, and if you're not PK, you don't even really exist. And that's where Aeryn's at, and no matter how far you run, once you've fucked with the universe you're anathema to everything, including yourself. Normally I think chundering on about your honor is a pretty gay pursuit, but with Aeryn, I feel her. I'd rather die too.

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