Exodus From Genesis

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Aeryn Wide Awake In the Garden

"Don't lower the heat," John says, nearly choking on it. "Crank it up." John and Aeryn nearly start crying, both of them, because it's going to hurt. Raisin of the Flag on Iwo Jima thinks a sec, and then cranks it. Aeryn cries out in misery, and Zhaan slowly collapses as she turns back into herself. She smiles at John and nods toward the door: "I'll look after her. Go." D'Argo comes near to Aeryn and looks in her eyes. He pats her arm tenderly. That is big. That is pretty neat. You expect John to get all pinkeye when Aeryn's involved, but the promise in that touch, from D'Argo, is one of the largest emotional leaps to date. John and D'Argo head for the door. "It's just you and me," John says, going for the adrenaline, but D'Argo corrects him: "Actually, it is just me. And you." D'Argo heads out, but John comes back to Aeryn one more time, saying her name softly. "I feel the Living Death," she rasps, and he begs her to hold on. "I won't let it happen," he swears to her, but she reminds him it's not his choice. "Remember your promise," she says, as sternly as she can manage, and his face goes blank for a second before he turns and leaves. Aeryn groans, in the silence.

Melkor shoves a female Commando; they're all feeling the heat. "Move!" They walk carefully around the body of a dead Luxan, in a puddle of blue, lying in the corridor -- how friggin' long does it take to get from the docking bay to command? -- and we see that it's D'Argo, watching with eyes nearly closed. When the fifth one brings up the rear, D'Argo trips him up, climbs on his back, and knocks him out. He grabs the guy's gun and retreats stealthily. Good plan.

Zhaan holds Aeryn under a shower, cooling her down. Aeryn stares and shivers, spaced out. "Pilot?" says Zhaan forcefully, keeping it together. "More pressure. Colder water." Aeryn mutters to herself. "Living Death. Crichton promised."

The Commandos are fully keeping each other standing, as they finally reach command. Caspar spots John and gurgles, because that's like all she can do. Melkor's barely standing, and draws on John, but then Caspar spots another John in another direction. "Sir?" she chokes, and then Johns are everywhere. If ever there were occasion for a "Hell Yeah," this is it, and it's so sad because they're dying of the heat delirium and can't even enjoy it. Especially now that the multiple Crichtons showed up, I bet the temperature is going crazy! Melkor swings wildly, not sure who to shoot, and then orders them to shoot all the Johns.

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