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Aeryn Wide Awake In the Garden

He gets very loud with Rygel, all, "Big fella! You look refreshed!" and Rygel says that he took a three-hour shower. "I had blue crud way up in places you don't wanna know about!" John laughs and tells him he did a hell of a job. "Yes, well, there's a lot of Rygel the First in here," says Rygel. Cute little snot. He goes off about how if he had some space-age outfit of "shimmer-weave" fabric, he'd look exactly like his ancestor. Whatever. That's so sweet. Mostly it's just funny because he's like, "It would STARTLE you!" with this weird intensity, like maybe it would startle you TO DEATH!

Pilot pleasantly reports that the temp is back to optimum, and John's like, "Awesome, where's Aeryn?" Pilot directs him to the Terrace, a location we don't often see. Zhaan closes up Story A so we can head to Emotown with no leftover questions. "The Draks are leaving. Monarch wishes a final word with us." John and D'Argo give each other this hilarious look, like, at each other like, "Here we go with the creepy." The Monarch is pleased: "Genesis is concluded." There's only a bit of bite in John's response that they're pleased about that too. "We were also pleased by the encounter between us." John begins a judicious and diplomatic response...but of course, she's talking to Rygel. "We shall not meet again, Great Ruler." I love that there's no punchline to this. Think about how cool that is. It's not that the Raisin Queen is foolish, or that some interstellar translator microbe fuckup has given her this idea: it's just that we need to be shown how strong, and good, Rygel can actually be. He tells her that he's good with just this one Drak experience, and she smiles, and checks out. D'Argo and John catch Zhaan, who sighs and says they'll be gone soon, and watches the screen. She's so remarkable.

John walks Zhaan back to her room, supporting her, hushedly telling her to just lean on him. "Yes, I know I can," she murmurs. He drops her off, and she stops him: "I must say you handled yourself like quite a man of action, today." He says he's getting the hang of it, but of course that means that... "Things change," Zhaan smiles, "And you find you're more confused than you were before." Yeah. "Time and patience," she intones. Is that her answer for everything? "Yes, because it's always the right answer." True that, but the holes in it, we won't see for awhile. "Okay, how does time and patience answer this? We see the Draks -- or we saw them -- as pests. Something to be stepped on and crushed." She chalks this one up to ignorance; I just hate that they're saying this out loud. This is not necessary. "Well, I definitely pulverized one on sight. And I would have done the same thing with the dentic, and those germ bugs that you injected me with..." The translator microbes. "But see, you see them as good," John says. Which is bad and dumb of him, because the last thing she needs is to be put on a pedestal like that. Not "how wise you are" but "how much we've all learned." Because everything she's going to say is terribly sad, because the one thing Zhaan can't do, which is balance her heights and depths, or see herself completely, is the thing she's advising us all to do. "Well, we have learned to work with them." John draws a metaphorical line about how one person's meal is another person's pet, and she just shakes her head, preferring not to think about that. "If you're asking for a distinction, I think it's often unclear. Moya is alive and she's our protector. She's also our servant. She relies on us and we rely on her. It's a mutual, symbiotic relationship." She tells him it's not all that arbitrary: "Reverence for all living beings. Which may come with..." Time and patience, he supplies, and she cutely says it along with him. I don't exactly love this as a catchphrase because it leaves out effort, which is her main issue: Time, patience, effort. "Why am I not enlightened yet? More time, I guess. More patience. I'm just going to sit on my blue ass and think myself holy." She smiles beautifully, because on the other hand, this episode and the next one are the most awesome she'll ever be. "Yes, John. I get the feeling you're going to get the hang of things soon." Another thing she's wrong about.

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