Exodus From Genesis

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Aeryn Wide Awake In the Garden

Around the corner, Zhaan fools with another valve. John comes around muttering to himself ("My DNA, my DNA.") and overexcitedly yells at Zhaan about how the giant space cockroaches are now eating out the lights. He begs her to tell him that her DNA analysis was wrong and notices that she's not working the valve right. He tries to get her to flip the switch, and looks at her, concerned. "Zhaan, it's making it hotter, not cooler." John reaches for it again, and Zhaan elbows him in the stomach and punches his face, and he drops. He looks up, and Zhaan totally slo-mo barfs more blue bug goo onto the valve. So gross. He's like, "The hell?" and she wanders off.

John joins Aeryn in command and conferences D'Argo and Rygel in on comm. "How do you say 'we're screwed' in your native tongue? Zhaan just beat the crap out of me, then spit up that blue snot that the bugs use. She must've been infected or something when she..." Aeryn's just staring, not listening, working the console. He moves her hair and touches her face, worried. "You're not sweating. Oh no, that... That's heat stroke." Pilot informs him that Aeryn's "initiating a thermal increase," and John tries to stop her, earning himself a head-butt to the face. There are four male characters, counting Pilot, and three female, counting Moya. You do the math. Aeryn turns back to what she was doing, and John tries to physically pry her away from the console. She head-butts him backwards and beats more crap out of him, and he realizes she's playing hardball. It's cool how she is basically using PK moves here, so you could think she's just going nuts. Pilot, helpfully, tells John to stop her. John grabs her by the ankle and then crawls up her body, working toward her arm. Which then comes off in his hands! So Gross! She starts squealing, like the bugs, and falls to the floor, dead. (Every time John's confronted with an Aeryn that's not what she seems, that doesn't love him, and his heart breaks, and he kills her, take a shot.) So of course then Aeryn comes into command, asks what the hell he's thinking, making it hotter, and then notices him rolling around with her dead body. He comes to stand beside her -- still holding dead Aeryn's arm -- and they look down at dead Aeryn, up at each other, and down at dead Aeryn again. Closeup on Aeryn, grossed out and unsettled. This show does the twin thing about every five episodes, and I love how it never fails to be this existential outrage for them. Hayley Mills could teach them all a thing or two.

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