Exodus From Genesis

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Aeryn Wide Awake In the Garden

Everybody stares at dead fake Aeryn, laid on a table in the maintenance bay. "It was exactly like you!" John yells. "The way it moved! The way it felt!" Aeryn looks up at him with a really wonderful face, this mix of sort of half-sensual openness and total stone-faced denial. I've erased and rewritten that like a hundred times, but that's the best way to say it: hard, and soft, with a light dusting of WTF on top. "I mean it felt real. Alive. It looked and acted totally alive. It was...impossible to tell the difference." D'Argo's like, "But it was sabotaging the ship, which was a clue," and Zhaan -- because she's in control and knows everything -- pshaws. "He had no reason to suspect. This is a perfect duplicate of Aeryn's exterior, right down to the micron." Aeryn asks if dead Aeryn could talk, and he says she didn't, then turns to Zhaan: "Neither did you, when you attacked me in the passageway." Zhaan, because she's in control and knows everything, corrects him: "I was never in the passageway, John." He tells her about how there's also a fake Zhaan, and she immediately covers up the dead Aeryn, because it just stopped being science and started getting real. John figures that the first bug, from his room, was there sampling his DNA, to make a copy of him. Which is why they were centered originally in the living quarters. John and Zhaan get creeped out: "The perfect camouflage." "The perfect army." It's kind of sad how even Zhaan, now, is like: "Evil and must be destroyed." They have every reason to think so, now, but still, she could've been a holdout. It's got your DNA. Aeryn and D'Argo join in, realizing that there are potentially hundreds of bugs, and therefore hundreds of possible duplicates about to show up. "We will kill them all. On sight," grumbles D'Argo, and Zhaan asks how they're going to tell each other apart from the fakes. "We will cut off the tip of our small finger, for identification," he growls. John's not having that, although he does see the humor in it, and then he puts a little orange dot of spray paint on the back of their hands.

"Look, I don't care about replicants," says Aeryn. Ops v. tactics. "What we've gotta do is..." whatever the next thing is. Which she doesn't remember, because she's starting to go south with the heat delirum. "I had something to say, I know I did." Zhaan worries to John that they need to get the temp down bad, and D'Argo says the bugs have gotten blue goo all over the climate regulators. John asks, as a scientist, if they can create something to dissolve the stuff, and Zhaan says she'll get started. Aeryn, because this is the part where everybody says what they're going to do, says she's going to work with Pilot. Zhaan acknowledges her with a worried look, and Aeryn tells her to fuck off as usual, but this time without unkindness or any edge: it's just an update on where she's at, which is very fine thank you. John determines to go find the main hideout of the bugs. I see that going well, especially after Zhaan's well-intentioned "actions, not words" pep-talk.

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