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We see a large spread of food as Aeryn asks Chiana why she's brought them there. Chiana says they still have half an arn before the final batch of lutra oil is ready, so she wanted to let them all know how much she appreciates everything they've done for her. I'd point out that that means her earlier statement to Crichton wasn't true, but maybe the thought of thanking Rygel in her usual way caused her to get this flash of inspiration. We see that the voices have been coming from outside the room, as Chiana leads everyone in and says she made all their favorite dishes. Aw. Everyone (even Crais) is thrilled, except for Crichton...

...because he's back giving making the tape to his dad another try. He says that before he left, his dad told him that every man has a chance to be his own kind of hero, and he doesn't figure he's ever coming home, but he thinks he knows what his dad meant; his life now is strange and different, but it's his own. At least it is until Harvey shows up. We fade to the happy feast going on as Crichton continues that he has people who rely on him and that he cares about, and are his friends. He goes on: "'I have a job to do, and I am unafraid.' That's what you said when they asked you what it was like to walk on the moon." Not to trample the moment, but if I'm a reporter at that press conference, that's where I'm like, "Come again?" He tells his dad that he taught him well, and then: "This is John Crichton. Somewhere in the universe." That somewhere being Snorflesville in the great state of YOU'RE STILL KILLING ME HERE.

Everyone is gathered in front of the transport, and Zhaan is praying to the Goddess on D'Argo and Crichton's behalf. She anoints them with something and intones, "Any blessings earned over time by my soul I now extend to you." Given that she earlier judged herself to be unworthy to live, I hope said extension is in fact limited to her good deeds. D'Argo asides to Crichton that he hates "this stuff," and Crichton tells him that "chicks love it." Rygel botches his attempt at a poignant farewell, and then Crichton asks Crais if he has any final words of wisdom. Crais tells him that Peacekeeper pilots are trained to expect evasive maneuvers, and he should fly on a direct course. Crichton looks at Crais like, "Thanks for telling me to die as quickly as possible, dick." Chiana begs D'Argo to come back to them, but her words have the opposite effect she intended, as he hands Zhaan the holo of his wife and son, telling her to make sure that Jothee remembers him. But there's a twist in the plan, as Aeryn comes up to them and tells them to be certain to get the timing right -- it appears they're going to bail out at some point and Aeryn will pick them up. Crichton already has his flight suit on, and D'Argo cautions Aeryn that he can only last a quarter of an arn in space, but she assures him she'll find them in time. That's good news -- not only are we finally going to get some action here, but it means that we won't have to add to the fifty-six heart-wrenching goodbyes already in the episode. And indeed, Aeryn and Crichton agree not to say goodbye, and he and D'Argo get on their way.

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