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Unacceptable Losses

Braca reports the approach of the transport to Scorpius. Scorpius notes the vector is toward the Gammak base, but orders Braca to do nothing until he has more information, as he suspects the pilot could be Crais, or "anything." I'm not clear why he would think Crais would voluntarily be going on a suicide mission, and I'm not sure the DRDs could pilot that thing, or if they're quite loyal enough to try. But again, Scorpy's the one with the leather hood. People with those tend to dominate...wait, that's not right.

D'Argo is telling Crichton that once they inject the oil into the largest canister, it will set off a chain reaction, and Crichton asks how long Zhaan said they'll have to get out. D'Argo: "She was vague to the point that I suspect that she doesn't have a clue." Well, she is a religious type. Pilot makes contact and tells them "Peacekeeper voice traffic" indicates that they're aware of the transport's presence and destination, but there's no indication of pursuit. However, that is sure to change, as we cut to Braca telling Scorpius that preliminary scans show "the Luxan and the human" to be aboard the transport. Scorpius looks chagrined, probably that Crichton is putting his life in jeopardy, and tells Braca to pursue, and to alert the base to the possibility of an attack. Braca doesn't really see the urgency, but Scorpius hisses, "Do it!" Get him any more pissed and that electronic voice is going to come out again.

Crichton asks how D'Argo's doing. D'Argo: "I have to pee." Hee. They both giggle.

On Moya, Zhaan reports that the Peacekeepers are moving away. Chiana, however, says they don't have enough room to pull off their leave-the-field-and-starburst plan yet, and besides, they have to give Aeryn sufficient time to rescue Crichton and D'Argo. Rygel still wants to go, but Zhaan impatiently shushes him, and then asks Pilot to make sure the baby understands where he has to be in order to be sucked along in the starburst. Pilot assures her he will, and then we linger on an ambiguous-looking Crais.

Scorpius gives his Prowlers a "direct, inviolate order" that the occupants of the transport are to be taken alive. He doesn't add that anyone who screws up will inviolately have his small intestine ripped out through his throat, but they're Peacekeepers. They know.

Crichton and D'Argo bicker a bit, and then D'Argo tells Crichton to arm the kronite shavings. Cut to Aeryn, monitoring them and urging them to get on with it. Pilot reports that the baby isn't responding to his entreaties, and Aeryn suggests that he call him by his name. She wells up just a bit as she goes on, "It's Talyn. It was my father's." I held off mentioning the name to do full justice to Aeryn's reveal there. I think it was worth all the extra letters I had to type.

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