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Braca reports that an explosive device aboard the transport has just been armed. Doesn't it seem inefficient to have Braca running in and out to keep updating Scorpius? I know Scorpius looks imposing in the chair, but you'd think if he wants Crichton that badly, he could stand in front of a tactical display for ten minutes. Scorpius gives props to Crichton for the plan, unhappily musing that if Crichton ignites the oil surface of the moon, they'll have to abandon the base, yet he can't risk destroying the knowledge in Crichton's brain. "And he knows that!" Of course, if Crichton intends to die in the explosion, as it appears, Scorpius should just kill him and save the base, but regardless, he'd probably give a guttural electronic Scarran curse, so it's just as well he does so here.

As the transport approaches the moon, D'Argo and Crichton have finished their preparations, and D'Argo says it's time to go. Crichton asks why he's not afraid. D'Argo: "Fear accompanies the possibility of death. Calm shepherds its certainty." Crichton smiles: "I love hangin' with you, man." That'll be convenient if you both get captured. Crichton gives D'Argo his dad's good-luck ring-on-a-chain, and D'Argo kisses it before they head for the exit. Crichton dons his helmet and compares them to "Kirk and Spock, Abbott and Costello," before hitting the eject button and sending them out into space. It's too bad he didn't have time to mention Siegfried and Roy, because then we would have been getting somewhere. Anyway, the two of them hurtle toward the camera, and then Zhaan urgently yells for Aeryn to retrieve them. Crichton communicates with Aeryn, who's picking up his transmission but can't see him yet. She asks how D'Argo is, and D'Argo gives Crichton a jaunty thumbs-up. He's not going to be nearly as cheerful when the contents of his bladder turn to ice. Just then, the transport reaches its destination and spectacularly ignites the entire surface of the moon. Everything seems great for a moment, until Pilot reports that someone has boarded Talyn. Rygel: "It's Crais." Hey, you brought him back, short stuff. Unaware that anything's wrong, Crichton gloats to (I think) the base, "John Crichton was here." Shall we wait until after the commercial break to ruin his mood?

Vox populi, vox Dei. Crichton asks Aeryn where she is, as D'Argo is only semi-conscious now. Aeryn says that she can see them, but there are too many other Prowlers around, and if she swings in to pick them up, they'll be sure to notice and shoot them all down. Meanwhile, Pilot reports that Talyn has broken away from Moya. And over there, Crais orders Talyn deeper into the asteroid field, where the debris is densest. Aeryn and Crichton hear this, as do the Moya crew members, and Rygel asks him what the heck he's doing. Crais gloats that he's saving himself, and despite Aeryn's shouted orders for him to leave Talyn, he refuses, cheerily saying that assuming she survives, he hopes that when they next meet, their relationship will be much different. I don't doubt that that will be the case, Crais -- it's just a question of whether you'll remain alive to see it. Aeryn wails that he can't separate a child from its mother, but Crais blithely points out that that was done to both of them. Crais bids Aeryn goodbye and takes Talyn into the field, much to everyone's deep chagrin. Chiana then sees that the Command Carrier is returning, and Crichton urges them to starburst immediately. Zhaan doesn't want to leave him and D'Argo, and Rygel co-signs that, but Crichton tells him that this "is not the time to give up selfishness." Heh. Chiana points out that Aeryn isn't back either, but Aeryn says she's not leaving D'Argo and Crichton. D'Argo, for his part, would be humming the Jeopardy! theme music at this point if he were fully conscious.

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