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Aeryn orders Pilot to starburst, but Pilot reports that they now can't -- Moya won't leave without Talyn, as she fears that he doesn't understand what he's doing by listening to Crais. Crichton begs Moya to hear him -- they all care about Talyn, and have gone to great lengths not only to save themselves but also him and her. We see a montage of the crew and the ship's corridors as Crichton continues that the only hope to rescue Talyn is for Moya to save herself first. He thanks her for everything, and tells her to do what she has to do. For not really being able to give Moya much in the way of tangible characteristics, the show certainly does a good job of developing the relationships between her and her charges. Chiana, in a panic, says that in fifteen microts, they won't be able to escape, but just then, Moya powers up and initializes starburst. Rygel throatily whispers a goodbye, and then the ship is gone. D'Argo passes out, Aeryn reports that she still can't get to Crichton, and Crichton wearily responds that it may not matter, as D'Argo's unconscious. Aeryn tries to keep her face from shattering, and then we see D'Argo let Crichton's dad's ring slip from his grasp. It floats away, and ironic triumphant music plays as Crichton grasps D'Argo's hand into the cliffhanger ending.

And what an ending to an amazing last stretch of the season! And speaking of endings, this concludes my recapping run for this show, which I couldn't have enjoyed more. Thanks to the 'Scapers for picking me for the charity auction ages ago, because I never would have volunteered to recap this show otherwise. And damn you all for making me care about Muppets!

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