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Unacceptable Losses

Crichton and Aeryn put Crais in a cell, and Aeryn asks if there's anything Crais wants to say to her, but Crais thinks everything was covered when she left him for dead in the Aurora Chair. Aeryn: "Good." Hee. Aeryn tells Crichton she's going to check out the transport ship, as she still doesn't trust either Crais or Rygel. Crichton locks Crais in and glowers at him, but the menace is reduced by how scorching he is. I think he needs to slap a fake scar on his face for occasions such as these, although I could just be nostalgic for Finola Hughes's days on General Hospital. What? Crichton asks what Crais is doing there, really, but Crais tells him he thinks it would be best for him if Rygel explained Crais's position for him. Crichton can't believe it: "You're letting Rygel be your advocate?" Yes, a pompous windbag with an elevated sense of his own importance as counselor? That never happens!

Rygel has decided to warm up with the two people he's likely to have the easiest time with, Chiana and Zhaan. Rygel tells them that Scorpius is carrying Crais's mivonks around in his hip pocket, and while he has no sympathy for "that butcher," he recognizes his potential value to them. Zhaan wonders, if Crais was in for such a terrible fate, why Scorpius would have let him go, but Rygel explains that he and Crais deceived Scorpius; they told him that Crais would come to Moya under a flag of truce and convince the crew to surrender. I doubt Scorpius had much faith that this plan would work, especially given that he probably sensed that Rygel and Crais were lying, but maybe he thought it was worth even the small chance that they'd be able to bring Crichton back alive. Chiana theorizes that Crais must know what Scorpius is planning, and that could be useful to them. Zhaan concedes the point, but still isn't thrilled that Rygel went to the Command Carrier to sell them out. He says that's absolutely true (again, this conflict with Scorpius's statement is somewhat vexing) but in the end, he didn't, so they should make the most of it now. Of course, taking advantage of Crais's information doesn't preclude them throwing Rygel out of an airlock as soon as they get half a chance, but Rygel's probably got other things on his stomachs...er, "mind."

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