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Crichton and Crais are both sitting now, and Crichton asks Crais how he's doing. Crais wonders why he would ask, but Crichton admits that he's homesick, and desperate for "human male-to-male conversation." Leaving aside the point that Crais isn't human, I think this shows Crichton truly thinks he's going to die, and as such has decided that there's no further need nor sufficient time for grudges and acrimony. Crais seems to have reached a similar state of mind, as he asks Crichton if he thinks it's an accident that their species are so much alike. They agree that they don't know the answer to that question, and Crais says that it's one of the mysteries he will miss solving. Crichton, who's actually in tears at this point, says that being in the cell must make Crais feel his mortality, and that's the feeling they all have, all the time, with Crais chasing them. With Crichton at his most emotionally vulnerable, Crais chooses similarly to lower himself, telling Crichton that he now realizes he didn't mean to kill his brother, and the intensity between these two as each refuses to break eye contact is startlingly affecting. Crichton, his voice breaking, asks if Crais has any idea what he put them all through. Crais says he thought his actions were about his brother, but somewhere, his priorities decayed, and he became more concerned with his image and career. Crichton says that if Crais means to help them, now is the time. Man, this show. Crais has been like, the seven deadly sins in a captain's uniform from the beginning, and here he is, believably showing signs of redemption. Of course, these things take time, as we'll see. By the way, Crais may have been a douche all season, but Lani Tupu is awesome (as Pilot as well).

The crew of Moya, Crais included, is assembled, and D'Argo tells them that the transport is loaded and has enough lutra oil to cause an immense chain reaction. Crais tells them that Scorpius won't delay attacking them once he has their location, and their kamikaze plan is bound to fail -- the Command Carrier's sensors will detect the explosive content and destroy the transport well out of range. Zhaan points out that until the catalyst is added, the explosives won't be detectable, but Crais counters that the fact that the ship is so heavily weighted down will be obvious. He asks Aeryn what she thinks, and she looks at Crichton all "What exactly did you say to him?" before conceding it's a long shot, but all they have. D'Argo, however, comes up with another plan: If they send the transport on a course for the Gammak base, Scorpius will be forced to pursue and destroy it, and they can take advantage of the opening to get Moya and the baby out of there, with the baby sticking close enough to Moya to get swept along in the starburst. Of course, they take considerably more words to say all of this, but there are seven of them and not all of them are all that bright. Zhaan points out that one of them will have to fly the transport, and I'm disappointed that none of them did the finger-on-the-nose "Not it!" Rygel does, however, hilariously glide his Thronesled back, and I never said I wasn't easily amused, but I'll take it. Crais, though, says that Scorpius won't pursue the transport, because there's one thing he values more than the base. Everyone turns dramatically to regard Crichton, who looks at Crais all, "I thought we had a moment back there, CAPTAIN BRINGDOWN."

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