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Unacceptable Losses

So Aeryn has taken Crais over to the smaller ship, and Crais is grandly and somewhat hungrily gloating over the fact that the Peacekeeper technology was successful in creating a Leviathan-warship hybrid. Aeryn asks if that means there were other attempts to breed a ship such as this, and Crais happily agrees that there were "numerous" tries. "All ending disastrously, killing both mother and child. But now I know why." Well, I'm sure we all agree that it was worth it, then, even the Leviathan child who could probably disintegrate you right where you stand. Aeryn muses that the other Leviathans were wearing control collars, and Crais commends her on her intelligence. Of course, given that the baby would have destroyed Moya from the inside without the quick work of Pilot and Chiana, I think it's a little more complicated than that, but when Crais's ego is talking, it's hard to hear anyone else. Crais thinks that the ship will have no effect on Scorpius, no matter how it's used, which just goes to show that time can prove anyone wrong. He goes on that the fact that the ship responds to direct voice command is by design, as, although the ship can support a Pilot, they saw no need to dilute the Captain's power, the "command and response possibilities," by making that a necessity. Aeryn is unhappy to learn that the ship won't have a Pilot, and tells Crais there will be no possibilities if they don't escape from Scorpius. Well, there are possibilities concerning torture and scientific experimentation, but I think we can all agree not to dwell on those. Crais agrees that the baby will be of no use to them until he's fully grown, so Aeryn warily tells him to leave him out of their escape. It feels like she's got half an idea that Crais might be up to something. I'd suggest finding the other half, and quickly.

Rygel is stunned to learn that Crichton is leaving him his possessions should be die and asks why, prompting Crichton to call him a "soulless bastard." Rygel takes offense, and if he doesn't actually know what a soul is, he's doing a good job of faking it. Crichton, however, points out that Rygel sold them out, and Rygel admits that he was going to until he realized that Scorpius wasn't buying, and he would have been next. However, although he can be selfish, given a chance, he can do the right thing. Crichton: "Rygel, I figure the right thing starts at the beginning of the day." I'm glad Crichton's never seen me when I'm out of coffee. Rygel lowers his head abjectly, and Crichton surprises him by kissing it. I'll have to remember that one. In a voice higher than his normal (but still not helium-affected), Rygel thanks Crichton, and then covers by saying, "For the possessions." Aw, Rygel's heart just grew three sizes! Hard to believe it can still fit in that little body.

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